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Developing a Well-Rounded Blog with Multiple Content Types

Content, content, content. Your blog needs content if it’s going to thrive online. Previously, I wrote about how to find hot blog topics to write about. In this article, I’m going to discuss the different types of content you can put on your blog to keep readers interested, increase website traffic, and get other websites linking to you.

News Posts

News posts are just that, posts detailing what’s going on in your industry. By posting news on your site, you accomplish two things. First, you will help your readers stay informed about important industry developments. Second, people will start looking to you for breaking news. To maximize your return on this type of content, be certain to give your opinion about the contents of the news story.

Opinion Posts

Let’s be honest. There are thousands of blogs out there writing on the same topic you are. If you don’t believe me, do a search on Google for the topic you blog about and Google will tell you exactly how many other web pages exist on that same subject. The only thing that distinguishes you from those other blogs is, well, YOU!

When people come to your site, they want to hear about the issues from your point of view, so give them what they want. Tell them what you think. This is particularly effective on controversial subjects. People will leave comments on the post and respond on their own blogs, all of which will help you get known in your industry.
broadcasting blogger

Link Bait

Getting people to link to your website is an integral part of Internet marketing and search engine optimization. As much as Google wished it weren’t so, how well you rank in the search engines for your preferred keywords is mostly determined by how many people link to your site. Link bait is content that is designed to generate these links. There are several different kinds, but the two most effective ones are controversial content and authority content.

Controversial content is pretty self-explanatory. Basically, you take a topic that gets people riled up and blog your opinion about it. It works even better if your opinion is not a popular one in your industry. People will break their fingers in their haste to write an article disagreeing with you (and linking to you).

Authority content is comprehensive informational content that strives to be the authority on a particular topic. Top 100 lists and Wikipedia-type articles are good examples of this. This type of content is harder to create. However, the rewards of creating and maintaining it are long lasting. People will link to your article and recommend it to others for years to come.

Original Research

If you want to be thought of as an expert and leader in your field, then you should conduct original research. This type of content is very popular because it gives other people in your industry something to talk about.

For example, if you do research that uncovers 3 out of 4 people prefers blue widgets over red, that’s something to talk about. Other bloggers can generate all sorts of content using that research such as different ways to market blue widgets, what the social significance of the population preferring blue widgets over red, and other topics. All of this means more links and recognition for you.

It is worth the effort to include some of these content types into your blog. You will be rewarded with a well-rounded blog that attracts readers and helps you make a name for yourself in your industry.

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2 Ways to Squeeze Cash Out of Your Money Pages

If you have been blogging regularly for a year or more, chances are pretty good you have a few pages on your website that get a good amount of traffic. It is also highly likely you are not maximizing the money making opportunities that these pages offer. High-traffic pages on your site are in a prime position for increasing the amount of cash your blog generates for you.

There are two ways you can make money with high-traffic pages. You can mold the pages to generate cash, or you can optimize them to get people signing up to your email list. In one way or another, taking the time to strengthen the most popular posts on your site can increase the amount of profit you put in your pocket.

Identifying Money Pages

The first step in the process is to identify your money pages. Hopefully, you already have a web analytics program tracking the traffic coming to your website. If you don’t, then it is best to install a program like Google Analytics or Statcounter and wait a few weeks before taking the next steps in this tutorial.
money key
Otherwise, open your web analytics program and look for pages with the following traits:

* In the top ten most visited web pages.

* Getting clicked for a variety of keywords. Most analytics programs will tell you what keywords the searcher used to find that page.

* Earning 100 to 200 unique views per day. The more views it gets, the better. If your site does not get a lot of traffic overall, then work with what you have. Pick the pages that are getting the most attention from your web visitors.

You can optimize as many pages as you want, but it is best to start with five to keep this task as manageable as possible. Either bookmark the pages in your web browser, or create a list using a word-processing program.

Optimizing Your High Traffic Pages

The next step in the process is to optimize your money pages for the keywords people are using to find the information contained on the page. Extract from your web analytics program all of the keywords associated with each high-traffic page and group them according to page.

Go to each of the pages and evaluate the content found there to determine if your visitors were able to find the information they were looking for. Your goal here is to turn the page into a comprehensive resource that provides the most relevant information possible for each of the search queries that led to the page.

For example, you have a page on your site about training golden retrievers and one of the search queries that led to your page is “potty training golden retrievers”. The searcher is obviously looking for advice on how to house train their dog. Therefore, you need to make sure you have an answer for them on the page. Be certain the header for the section contains that specific keyword combination. This helps increase its relevancy to search engine robots, which improves the pages rank in search engine result pages (SERPs).

In addition to including more content, you want to make sure the page itself is search engine optimized as a whole. This will also help boost its ranking in the SERPs.

Tips for Monetizing the Pages

It is possible to optimize your high-traffic page for both cash and list building. However, it is much easier, and the page will convert better, if the page focuses on one or the other.

Ways you can earn cash from the page:

* Insert affiliate links to products relevant to the topic

* Add a Google Adsense widget to grab some ad revenue

* Promote your personal products or services

* Send traffic to other optimized money pages


Ways to get people to sign up to your email list:

* Add a sign up form to your email list to the page

* Place an offer for a freebie and link to the sign up page

* Extol the benefits to joining your email list and link to the sign up page


The page should begin performing better in the search engines after you optimize it. However, it is also a good idea to do other things to send traffic to the money page so you can generate as much income from it as possible. Link to the pages from other posts on your site, promote them on your social networking profiles, and even submit them as answers to questions on sites like Yahoo! Answers.

Making more money with your website doesn’t always involve posting new content. Optimizing your old content can help you leverage your previous efforts to support your future success.

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Is Klout Really Important?

Businesses have finally gotten the message. Their customers are online. If they want to move product or get people signing up for their services, then they need to be online too. The trouble is salespeople and social media managers are having trouble distinguishing picking the true social media leaders out from the crowd of posers. A new social measuring technology, called Klout, aims to solve this problem.

What is Klout?

Klout describes itself as, “the measure of online influence”. Basically, the site places all of your social media accounts in a blender, adds a generous helping of their algorithm, blends it all together, and produces a number between 1 and 100. This number is supposed to represent your social medial influence on the internet. In particular, it measures:
Klout Logo
* How many people you influence through your social networking accounts

* How much you are able to influence them

* How influential the people in your network is

The site displays a graph for each of these points that detail where you sit on the influence continuum. However, the purpose of the number shown on your Klout profile is to provide an easy way for companies to determine if you are able to get their message to the masses. Theoretically, someone with a high Klout score could send thousands of eyeballs to a website with one tweet or Facebook status update.

Differing Views on Klout

The reactions in the blogosphere towards Klout range from dismissive to impressed to outright rage. But in the cacophony of voices, there were a few who made some interesting points both for and against the service.

People who don’t like Klout basically dismissed it as yet another meaningless social metric. They contend that Klout cannot really measure influence online because influence is much more than how you interact with people on social networking sites.

They point out that true influencers rank poorly on Klout, even though they are well-established in their fields as experts, simply because these people are not very social online. Conversely, people who have little to no expertise in anything are ranking very high because they are social butterflies who talk to everyone about everything.

On the opposite side of the fence, there are people feel a metric like Klout is needed online. They agree the site isn’t always accurate, but a lot of that is due to the newness of the technology. Although the social metric service was launched in September 2009, it’s still smoothing out the rough edges. In the beginning, they only measured social influence on Twitter but have recently included Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Posterous, and a few others in their algorithm.

But the point of Klout isn’t to measure total influence, proponents argue, it is to measure influence within the realm of social media. It exists to fill a need expressed by upper management types who demand numerical proof that social media marketing works.

And the proponents have the numbers on their side. A study conducted by Eloqua found that tweets by people with high Klout scores traveled further and gained more eyeballs than tweets by people with low scores.

One thing both sides could agree on, however, was that Klout could be gamed. A person could artificially increase their Klout score, but it is the same with everything else on the internet. Take Twitter, for instance. It used to be you could judge how influential a person was by how many followers he or she had. Then spammers and lazy marketers began increasing their follower count by creating hundreds of spam accounts and linking to their main account. Now the follower count is no longer a trustworthy metric of influence on Twitter.

My Opinion

I can see the value of Klout. If used in the correct spirit, it can help businesses find those influential marketers who will help them reach a wider pool of potential customers. However, the purpose of Klout should be kept in proper perspective. It is only a measurement of influence within the realm of social media. It does not, and cannot, measure influence as it is commonly thought of.

The score is only good for people who actually participate in the dissemination of informatio

Facebook Fan Pages Give You Quick Access

Facebook Fan Pages are Fan Clubs for the 21st Century

Remember years ago, when you really loved an actor or a band, you joined their fan club? You would fill out a card or send a letter to them and then you’d be a member. Sometimes it would cost a little money and you would get a hat, t-shirt, or membership card. Afterward, maybe every quarter or so, you would receive a letter in the mail telling you what was new with the actor or band. This was fulfilling for us who remember fan clubs. We’d look forward to that letter and get excited when it arrived.
Facebook Fan Pages
Like most everything else, Facebook has turned virtualized the idea of fan clubs. We can’t wait three or four months for a letter any more. We want details now! And Facebook feeds our need for immediate gratification with Facebook Fan Pages. Almost everyone has a fan page these. They’re not dedicated to only Hollywood and the music scene. Facebook fan pages exist for radio stations, authors, and even presidents and monarchs. You can find Facebook fan pages for almost anyone and anything.

Showing Your Love is Easy with Facebook Fan Pages

A simple search on Facebook for whom or what we are looking for will reveal a page dedicated to them and sometimes multiple Facebook fan pages. Your favorite author, athlete, actress, soda – it doesn’t matter. Chances are pretty good that you will find something for them.

To join the Facebook fan page all you need to do is click the “Like” button and that’s it. You’re officially a member. You’ll get updates whenever they post, you can read about what they have going on and what they choose to share. For example, an author may reveal when their next book is due to be released long before an official notice is sent out about it. Athletes may post their schedules detailing when and where they will be playing next.

Virtual Communities Grow with Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook fan pages let us know how many other people love the person or product too. It can be fun to see how many people “Like” the same things you do especially when that number runs into the tens of thousands. But you may also be surprised to find that the person or things you love aren’t as popular as you first thought or that it is popular in surprising places around the world.

Facebook fan pages take the fun out of being a part of a fan club because the suspense is now gone. The only things that come in the mail box these days are bills and junk mail. There’s no more excitement hoping you’re getting that fan club letter. No hopes of an autographed photo or a membership card. However, Facebook fan pages gave us what everyone needs in the 21st century which is quick access to information, no matter how great or small.

Learn how to create and market Facebook fan pages for your business with my free webinar.

The growing use of tablet PCs in business

The growing use of tablet PCs in business

If you’re in business then the need to be able to stay in touch and on top of
your venture no matter where you are has never been more important than
now. Thankfully, it’s also much easier to remain connected nowadays with
improving mobile broadband networks allowing access to files, folders and
emails, whatever your location.

New technology

Adding the ease with which we can keep track of our business activities is the
growing number of mobile devices that enable users to do just about anything
they’d normally carry out on a traditional desktop computer, but on the move.
One of the best examples of this is the tablet, which was unheard of a couple
of years ago but, since the introduction of the Apple iPad, has since gone on
to become very popular with business owners.

While the laptop or even a netbook is often seen as the way forward if you’re
looking to carry out business chores on the move, the tablet actually makes a
very viable alternative. In particular, the iPad works really well as a business
tool because of the huge range of apps that have been produced for it. This
allows you to add extra functionality to the device in the shape of Office style
software and all manner of other productivity options.

Another angle

Of course, there are many other tablet devices on the market now too, with a
variety of operating systems, such as the hugely popular Google Android OS.
In that respect, it’s pretty easy to find a system that matches what you’re used
to at home, although some of the lesser known operating systems don’t have
quite the same amount of apps available for them.

There is also the smartphone, which has been embraced by business people
for its powerful computing attributes, but the only downside with one of these
is its size. While it may come with considerable computing power, the issue
of smaller screen areas and tiny virtual keyboards often makes a smartphone
difficult for carrying out everyday office tasks.

Emails and social networking updates, as well as web browsing are all well
and good, but if you need to keep on top of productivity on the go then a tablet
could make sound financial sense. After all, it’s a lot more portable than even
the smallest netbook, while battery life is invariably very good, particularly
in the case of the iPad, which will ensure that you get all of your daily tasks
completed quickly and easily.

Get connected

The other plus point with a tablet device is the fact that you can buy models
that come with just wireless connectivity or both WiFi and 3G mobile
broadband. That means you can stay working just about anywhere and, in the
case of WiFi, you can access thousands of free hotspots. That way, you can
work fast and for nothing too, which really is the icing on the cake.

About the author: Rob Clymo writes on behalf of, the conumser advice website for business broadband internet providers

Video Blogging Tips: Making Your Blog Come Alive with Video

Video Blogging Can Help You Build a Community

Social media websites have been hogging the spotlight lately so you are forgiven for not noticing that online video content has been growing exponentially over the last few years. People are choosing to watch their favorite shows online (and discover new ones) rather than sit in front of a television set. In addition to that, the wide availability of video cell phones and handheld digital cameras has made it easier for the amateur videographer to capture and share the insanity of their everyday life through video blogging.
Video Blogging
So what does this mean for you? It means if you want to build a community of people who are passionately engaged and invested in your brand, then you should start integrating videos into your website and blog with video blogging.

Why Video Blogging

There are a number of benefits to online video blogging which include:

* Video makes you more real in the eyes of your prospects. People feel more comfortable buying from you when they can “see” you.

* Some people prefer watching videos over reading articles. This is probably because watching videos is a passive activity while reading requires more active engagement.

* It is easier to get your point across. Let’s face it, we communicate much better in person simply because we have the gamut of visual cues at our disposal that are not available to us in our article writing.

* You can do more with less. What you say in a 1,000 word article can be made into a 2-3 minute video.

* Tap into the vibrant community on YouTube. The YouTube community is huge and it is getting bigger every day. In fact, Google announced recently they have ordered original programming to be created just for the social video site.

Tips for Using Video Blogging to Build Your Brand

There are so many ways you can enhance your blog with video and you don’t need any fancy equipment or a studio either. A digital camera (or good camera phone) and video editing software like Camtasia will get you producing quality videos quickly and easily. Here are some ideas for how you can successfully incorporate video blogging into your brand.

* Use video blogs to illustrate a point more effectively. This works very well when integrated with a text article. You can use video to provide a visual example of what you are talking about.

* Video introductions. Instead of just having an “About Me” page, you can introduce yourself via video. This unique way of presenting yourself will make a big impression on your web visitor.

* Video testimonials (for you or for products you recommend) are particularly effective because the person doing the testimonial becomes “real” to the viewer. Be honest. When you read text testimonials aren’t you just a little bit skeptical about whether or not real people wrote them? Video testimonials can overcome this cynicism to help you make the sale.

* Videos are excellent for training your clients. In fact, this is how colleges and universities around the world present their online classes. Students can access lectures from a secure site any time of the day or night. You can use videos to create an online training course that is always available to your customers.

* Encourage discussion by getting people to produce video responses to your post. To really ramp up the community, post their responses in your blog post or allow them to post the videos in the comment section. This is an excellent way to extend the reach of your brand by letting other people be visible in the conversation.

* Share fun stuff. Don’t be so serious all of the time. Ride the wave of viral videos by posting the fun ones on your blog. Be sure to use relevant keywords so that you can capture the search engine traffic.

* Shine the spotlight on customers or collaborators. I don’t know what it is about videos but it has the power to make people feel extra special. Conduct interviews or shine a flattering spotlight on customers and other people in your industry using video as the medium.

Are you an armchair producer? Tell me about how you use video blogging in your marketing in the comment section.

For more tips on video marketing, check out my archives. Contact me for a free one hour consultation where I will show you an exceptional tool that will make video blogging the easiest thing you do every day.

Blogging Tips: Seven Deadly Blogging Sins or How to Kill Your Blog in Seven Steps

Avoid Blog Death with these Blogging Tips

Blogging isn’t easy. Despite the fact that many experts who give blogging tips make it seem like blogging is so easy a monkey could do it (I’m guilty of this too), the truth is there are many pitfalls you could stumble into if you are not careful. Any one of these seven deadly blogging sins could end in epic blog failure for you and your business.

Blogging Tips #1: Lusting for Quick Results

By far this is the one of those blogging tips that trips up bloggers the most. They start blogging with a passion but give up when they don’t experience immediate results. Blogging started when the internet was still young. Thus, it was pretty easy to get website traffic and make sales because the novelty of it dazzled people.
Blogging Tips Sins of Blogging
Today, there are between 126-152 million blogs online and trillions of web pages which mean it’s going to take a few months of concerted effort before you’ll get a return on your investment. My blogging advice: Be patient.

Blogging Tips #2: Becoming a Glutton for Attention

There is a fine line between getting your name in front of interested buyers and being an attention whore. One is smart marketing which will get you a steady stream of prospects who want to buy. The other will only get you ridiculed and reviled.

When people become a glutton for attention they start to do things that tarnish their reputation such as spamming and creating controversy (case in point: The GoDaddy Elephant). The internet is unforgiving and the damage done to your business can last a long, long time. A good blogging tip to take to heart: Weigh the ethics of any marketing tactic you take and get a second opinion if you need to.

Blogging Tips #3: Letting Your Greed Overcome Your Common Sense

People like to say that money is root of all evil. That’s not true. Money is awesome because it buys things like food and shelter. However, the obsessive pursuit of money to the exclusion of all else can make your blog crumble like the Roman Empire.

Greed can make you do crazy things like join sketchy programs, promote products you know are scams, or use spammy marketing tactics. All of these can destroy your brand’s reputation in a way that you will never recover from. My blogging advice: Keep it in perspective. Don’t sacrifice long term benefits for short term gains.

Blogging Tips #4: Updating Your Blog Slothfully

In order to thrive, your blog needs content. Your blog is like a favorite television show to your readers and they are much more likely to stick around if you “air your episodes” on a regular basis. However, writing and posting articles takes time and it isn’t long before many bloggers slow down their posting or give up blogging altogether.

The most successful blogging tip I’ve ever received was to write articles in batches and then schedule them to be posted on the same days each week. This way, you can focus on your business the other days of the week but still maintain a good posting schedule.

Blogging Tips #5: Showing Your Wrath to Critics

The internet is generally a friendly place. That doesn’t mean, though, you won’t ever be criticized. In fact, the more well known you become the more likely someone will take exception to something you are said and criticize you for it.

One of the worst things you can do as a blogger and business owner is blow up at the critic. Not only will you probably cause a flame war that leaves no one happy, you will damage your reputation in the process. Criticism can be hard to take but you will come off smelling like roses if you respond to it with poise and grace.

Blogging Tips #6: Envying the Progress of Others

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Whenever I hear about someone’s success in blogging or come across people who are farther ahead than I am, I get a little envious. I try to use it to inspire me to keep going and get better.

Where things start to fall apart is when we start comparing ourselves to others to the detriment of our own progress. We may think we are doing something wrong and may try to copy their approach even if it’s not a good fit for our business. The thing is that every blogger’s situation is different. They may have had advantages that you don’t and vice versa. My blogging advice is to focus on what works best for you and your business.

Blogging Tips #7: Not Taking Pride in Your Work

In Catholicism, pride is considered the worst of the deadly sins because they say it is the sin from which all others come from. However, I happen to think you should have a little bit of pride especially in the work that you do.

People who don’t care about their work put out crappy products that do nothing to help the customers they were created for. When you take pride in your work, you are more likely to develop products and offer a level of customer service that attracts prospects in droves. Take pride in your work and always strive to do your best.

Need more blogging advice? I’m happy to have a chat with you. Contact me for a free consultation where we can discuss the best tips and tools that will help you take your blog and your business to the next level. Download my free social media checklist which you can use to drive hundreds of visitors to your blog from your social networking profiles. For more blogging tips check out my archives.

The Economy Sucks! Learn An Easy Way to Save Money.

Earn Money From Home to Survive This Economy

The economy sucks.

There really is no nice way to say it. With unemployment still crazy high, decent jobs where you can earn good money are becoming more and more difficult to come by. Meanwhile, many of you are living on Hamburger Helper and working hard to trim your budget by employing as many ways to save money as you can think of.
Earn Money From Home
Maybe you stopped eating out and now take lunch to work. Or you had to give up the second car and cut your own lawn instead of using a lawn service. For some, times are even tighter than that. You may be playing the household bill shuffle where you have just enough money to pay a few bills per month and it is a constant struggle to keep necessary services from being shut off. Not only do you need some strategies to save money but you have to find a way to earn money from home fast.

There is an Easy Way to Earn Money from Home

Though it may feel like a hopeless situation, there is a solution. It’s called Cash Back Shopping and this simple shopping strategy is an easy way to save money and earn money from home. Many manufacturers and retailers offer programs that will pay you back a portion, from 4-30%, of your purchase whenever you buy from them. Although not top secret, if you are not familiar with cash back shopping, finding out about these programs can be difficult.

However, a popular online shopping company spent years working with brand name retailers and manufacturers to put together a single shopping portal where you can buy everything you need for your home and family as well as earn money from home. You can downlaod the toolbar and any time you search for anything online then it will pop up asking you if you want the cash back from that store. Each time you make a purchase on the site, not only will you save money by using the frequently updated coupon and free shipping lists onsite, but you’ll earn a percentage of your purchase back. As far as creative ways to save money and earn money from home, this has to be one of the best.

It truly is the simple things in life that can bring the most joy. This is an easy way to save money and earn money from home doing something you already do everyday. I personally save thousands of dollars per year, not including my drive time, gas or impulse buys. My husband and I decided to use our yearly cash back savings in order to pay for an annual 1 month vacation in the Florida Keys. I can honestly say this has improved my life tremendously & I highly recommend others take advantage of the cash back shopping.

Download the toolbar now and start thinking about how you will spend your extra money from cash back shopping. I would love to know what you would use it for. Please feel free to comment below.

Keeping Your Clientele Up To Date Using Twitter

Twitter is rapidly becoming an invaluable tool for businesses. Useful in strengthening clientele or adding new clients to your firm, Twitter is revolutionizing the personal approach.

Whether helping with market research, brand recognition, or chatting with your client base worldwide, Twitter is a forefront communication instrument. A few of the wonderful advantages to using Twitter for maintaining your client base are as follows:

Develop Your Network on Twitter

While on twitter, you and associates can join topic groups related to your field and business. The information attained from these groups is beneficial and allows you to attract potential customers. Create a search using keywords related to your products then follow those users who show up on Twitter Search. Study the trends to help improve your marketing strategies.
Twitter Clients

Improve Your Personal Brand Using Twitter

Twitter was created to strengthen relationships and form new ones. Potential clients and customers will feel more comfortable communicating with you. The relaxed nature of the social medium breaks down barriers and makes you more approachable.

Network by Being Helpful on Twitter

Earn credibility by using Twitter to hold complimentary workshops or seminars. Give instructions on how people can participate and when it begins. Learn how to guide people’s focus towards your events and web meetings. Become a problem solver, offer advice to those in your field who are in need of assistance. Who knows how many clients you may win over by coming to their rescue?

Make Announcements

Use Twitter to deliver information about all upcoming events or the latest breaking news regarding your business to your all your subscribers. Quickly share your newest ideas or answer questions posed by those in your network. Receive feedback from customers, clients, and associates.

Promotions and Deals

For clients or prospects you can offer discounts, samples, packages, or a variety of specials. Create interest with giveaways or promotions. Social networking transforms your marketing campaigns into a two-way street.

Deal with Complaints

When problems arise respond to issues quickly. Understand what your client’s needs are, and what can be done to insure their satisfaction with your company. By responding openly and professionally, other clients and prospects will see your character which can generate respect for your company.
Meet with Clients

Make plans for an informal get together with your clientele. Simply announce a meeting on Twitter, clearly stating the time, place, and directions. Have dozens or hundreds meet on relatively short notice. Introduce your clients to each other or have venders and suppliers become acquainted.


People appreciate being informed of the latest events or services. On Twitter, you can always keep your clients up to date on everything they need to know. By receiving immediate feedback on services or products, you can change the direction of a marketing campaign or solve issues should they arise.

Keep Your Online Lives Separate

Make two accounts one for business and one personal. The lines can be blurry on Twitter so ensure your customers never read about your bad day by keeping your personal and business accounts separate.

If you’ve been using Twitter but don’t seem to be getting anywhere, download my social media checklist (sign up form in the sidebar). This will walk you through the daily task you need to accomplish to build your following and extend the reach of your brand. For personalized service, contact me for a free consultation where we can share tips on marketing on Twitter as well as other internet marketing tools that can increase sales.

PLR Articles Can Help Feed Your Reader’s Appetite for Content

PLR Articles Can Help Feed Your Reader's Appetite for Content

One of the most challenging things about blogging is content generation. Content is what captures the attention of your target market and drives customers to your business. Unfortunately, your readers have voracious appetites and they can’t get enough of the information you provide. It makes running your business even more stressful and you are seriously rethinking this whole blogging business. So you look around for ways to get content for your blog quickly and easily. After surfing around the internet for a few days, you come across a website selling PLR articles. The price is around $5 or $10 and you get a pack of 5 to 10 articles on the niche topic related to your blog. You think you hit the jackpot but, in reality, you could be ruining your business by using PLR articles. PLR stands for private label rights. This is a type of content where the author sells you the right to reuse the articles they wrote in almost any way you see fit. You can add PLR articles to your blog, submit them to article directories, use them as starters for other articles, and even put together an EBook. For the internet marketer, they are a quick way to get cheap content for your website. Read the rest of this entry »
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