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3 Places to Market Your Network Marketing Business Online

Your Network Marketing Business Needs Sales

network marketing business

Sales are the lifeblood of your network marketing business. Without sales, your network marketing business is nothing more than an expensive hobby. But getting those sales requires you to market your business to the people most likely to make purchases from you; your target audience. Here are three places on the internet where you can find your target audience so you can get your sales messages in front of their eyes.

Tips for Generating Interest in Your Network Marketing Business

Question and Answer Sites

Q&A sites, such as Yahoo! Answers, are a great place to find leads for your network marketing business. People go to these sites to ask a variety of questions on a diverse range of topics. Although there are knowledgeable experts on these sites who answer questions, you are not required to be one to offer a well thought out response to someone who needs help.

Q&A sites are best used by going to the section that fits the category of your network marketing business. For example, I own an online shopping portal that can provide a steady flow of income for prospects willing to put the time in to build the business. To drive prospects to my website, I would go to the Business and Finance category on Yahoo! Answers and respond to questions pertaining to home based businesses or working at home. I would include a link to my website when appropriate. The key is to provide truly relevant and beneficial answers so that you are not flagged for spam.

Video Sharing Sites for Your Network Marketing Business

Video marketing is quickly becoming a fantastic way to market your mlm business opportunity. With video marketing, you create informational videos pertaining to your business and distribute them on popular video sharing sites such as YouTube. Videos are an excellent way to introduce yourself and your network marketing business to prospects as well as teach them more about what you are selling.

To market my online shopping portal, I use my YouTube channel to teach people how to save time and money by using my shopping portal as opposed to spending time driving from store to store. The key is to make sure you are producing something of value that people will want to spend two or three minutes watching. Don’t forget to include a link back to your website where prospects can get more information about your mlm business opportunity.

Targeted Community Sites

Thanks to Ning and other forms of community software, social networking sites are popping up in every industry from home based business to crafting. The perfect place to advertise your mlm business opportunity is wherever your target market can be found and many people are gravitating to online communities that cater to them.

The key is to know who your target market is. Once you have that figured out, finding the communities where they are likely to hang out is easy. For example, because my network marketing business offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to make part time or full time income, joining communities dedicated to home based business development would be a good start for me. Sites geared toward helping members save money or finding deals online would also be good places for me to promote the online shopping side of my business.

Marketing is the most important aspect of your network marketing business and being in the right place at the right time can mean the difference between a struggling business or having a steady stream of prospects beating down your door. I employ a variety of marketing techniques to promote my business and enjoy having a people contact me about what they can do to promote their network marketing business.

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