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Developing a Well-Rounded Blog with Multiple Content Types

Content, content, content. Your blog needs content if it’s going to thrive online. Previously, I wrote about how to find hot blog topics to write about. In this article, I’m going to discuss the different types of content you can put on your blog to keep readers interested, increase website traffic, and get other websites linking to you.

News Posts

News posts are just that, posts detailing what’s going on in your industry. By posting news on your site, you accomplish two things. First, you will help your readers stay informed about important industry developments. Second, people will start looking to you for breaking news. To maximize your return on this type of content, be certain to give your opinion about the contents of the news story.

Opinion Posts

Let’s be honest. There are thousands of blogs out there writing on the same topic you are. If you don’t believe me, do a search on Google for the topic you blog about and Google will tell you exactly how many other web pages exist on that same subject. The only thing that distinguishes you from those other blogs is, well, YOU!

When people come to your site, they want to hear about the issues from your point of view, so give them what they want. Tell them what you think. This is particularly effective on controversial subjects. People will leave comments on the post and respond on their own blogs, all of which will help you get known in your industry.
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Link Bait

Getting people to link to your website is an integral part of Internet marketing and search engine optimization. As much as Google wished it weren’t so, how well you rank in the search engines for your preferred keywords is mostly determined by how many people link to your site. Link bait is content that is designed to generate these links. There are several different kinds, but the two most effective ones are controversial content and authority content.

Controversial content is pretty self-explanatory. Basically, you take a topic that gets people riled up and blog your opinion about it. It works even better if your opinion is not a popular one in your industry. People will break their fingers in their haste to write an article disagreeing with you (and linking to you).

Authority content is comprehensive informational content that strives to be the authority on a particular topic. Top 100 lists and Wikipedia-type articles are good examples of this. This type of content is harder to create. However, the rewards of creating and maintaining it are long lasting. People will link to your article and recommend it to others for years to come.

Original Research

If you want to be thought of as an expert and leader in your field, then you should conduct original research. This type of content is very popular because it gives other people in your industry something to talk about.

For example, if you do research that uncovers 3 out of 4 people prefers blue widgets over red, that’s something to talk about. Other bloggers can generate all sorts of content using that research such as different ways to market blue widgets, what the social significance of the population preferring blue widgets over red, and other topics. All of this means more links and recognition for you.

It is worth the effort to include some of these content types into your blog. You will be rewarded with a well-rounded blog that attracts readers and helps you make a name for yourself in your industry.

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