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Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups

Facebook Pages and Groups

Facebook is unique in that it offers numerous ways to gather together and interact with people in your social network. In this webinar I talk about Facebook pages and groups, how to set them up, and how to use them to market your business effectively.

About Facebook

  • At last count, Facebook had 600 million users. If it were a country, it would rank as the third most populated country on the planet and outranked only by China and India.
  • Even well known public figures such as President Obama and Queen Elizabeth II (the queen of England) use the social site to reach out to their respective communities.
  • Users spend 700 billion minutes per month and each person is connected to approximately 80 other pages, events, and groups on the site.
  • Over 2.5 million websites have integrated their site with Facebook. More and more are using Facebook as a forum for comments for their articles.
  • About 250 million users access Facebook through their mobile phone and the trend is only increasing.

What Are Facebook Pages

  • Facebook pages are like mini websites on Facebook. It is a page about a specific person, organization or even product where fans can get updated information as well as participate in conversation with each other about the topic of the fan page.
  • Facebook pages can be created by any one on any topic. Even Facebook has a fan page about their fan pages
  • People who Like the page (become a fan) can post commentary about the subject. This is a great way to get people engaged with your business.

Benefits of Facebook Pages

  • Facebook pages lend themselves to a variety of promotional opportunities such as offering coupons, running contests, and getting users involved in social concerns.
  • When people comment on your Facebook page, their comments show up in their streams and reach the people they are connected to.
  • People who like your page are already “warm” to you. They are an audience ready to hear what you have to say unlike a “cold” prospect.
  • Facebook pages have a number of applications that can be used to add functionality as well as integrate with other marketing tools such as blogs and mailing lists like MailChimp.
  • Onsite analytics shows you how well your marketing with Facebook pages it doing.
  • Vanity URLs for branding.
  • Shows up in the search engines
  • Reputation Management

How to Setup Facebook Pages

  1. To create Facebook pages, you must have an account on the site. There must be an administrator.
  2. Go to the front page of Facebook and click on “Create a Page for a celebrity, band or business.”
  3. There will be several options. For businesses, select “Company, Organization, or Institution”
  4. Either select the industry your company is in or select generic “Company” from the drop down box. Enter company name and agree to terms and conditions. Click “Get Started”.
  5. Sign into your Facebook account or Sign up for an account.
  6. You are done. Were you expecting more steps?

Customizing Your Facebook Page

  • Like the personal account pages, you can customize your page to make it attractive to your target market.
  • To add your company logo and information, click on the “Edit Info” located underneath the title of your page. This will take you to the hub of editing activity for your page.
  • If you are a local business, add your address so that you can be found on Facebook Places.
  • Enter as much information about your company as you can. Make your descriptions engaging but tell the visitors what you do.
  • Add a picture of either you or a recognizable symbol associated with your brand. Use the new masthead to get creative wit your brand logo.
  • You can obtain a vanity URL ( when you get 25 or more people that Like your page.

Facebook Page Apps

You can add a variety of apps to extend the functionality of your Facebook pages.

To get to the apps, click on “Edit Info” and then “Apps”. At the bottom, click “Browse More Applications” to see the full catalog.

Useful apps: (*Some of these may have an associated cost)

  • MailChimp or Constant-Contact list building apps
  • Video App allows you to upload videos from your computer to your page
  • YouTube App allows you to put YouTube Videos on your page
  • Events for listing meetups, seminars, or webinars on your page
  • Networked Blogs for adding your company (or personal) blog
  • Twitter for Pages to connect your business Twitter account to your Facebook page
  • Badges for encouraging fans to place a badge identifying them as a fan on their page
  • Fan Offer for providing exclusive coupons or discounts to people who Like your page
  • Welcome Page for creating a customized landing page whenever someone visits it
  • Contact Me to provide an easy way for fans to contact you outside of Facebook

Interesting Uses of Facebook Pages

Fan pages can be used for a myriad of other things beside promoting your business.

  • As a help center where people can get support for your product or service
  • Promote a specific product
  • To aggregate information/news about a specific topic (example: Japan Earthquake)
  • Encourage activism around social issues
  • Provide access to exclusive training/information
  • Sweepstakes/giveaways
  • Discussion forum
  • Place to aggregate topical user generated content

Marketing Your Facebook Page

Marketing your fan page is really just like marketing other web properties or profiles you own.

  • Offer special benefits to people who Like the page (coupons or exclusive access to info)
  • Promote on your other social profiles
  • Integrate the Facebook widget onto your blog/website which shows latest updates
  • Encourage users to share with their network
  • Encourage user generated content. Example: if you sell cosmetics encourage fans to submit tips or links to video tutorials using the cosmetics
  • Include a link at the bottom of regular emails and Include info in emails sent to your lists
  • Talk about it on your YouTube videos
  • Host giveaway/sweepstakes where entry requires them to Like your page
  • Include a link to the page in your forum signatures
  • Include a link to your page in the author bio section of ezine articles
  • SEO your page with relevant keywords for search engine marketing
  • Use Facebook Advertising to bring attention to your page
  • Comment on other pages as your Facebook fan page to raise visibility
  • Partner with other business to get on their Featured Liked Pages list (located in left sidebar)

About Facebook Groups

  • Facebook groups provides a place where people can gather to talk about a subject.
  • Facebook pages are open to the public. Facebook groups can be made private where only members see what’s been posted.
  • The groups options allows you to send mass mailings to the people who are a part of the group. Group members can do the same.
  • When someone posts to the group, everyone in the group is notified. With Facebook pages, people have to check in to view updates.
  • This feature also has group chat where members can talk to each other in real time.
  • Groups can also be indexed by search engines but only if they are public.
  • Unfortunately, apps cannot be used on Facebook groups

Uses for Facebook Groups

  • Facebook groups lends itself to exclusivity. This is great for people in the information marketing business where buyers can be given access to useful supplemental information and one on one help.
  • Groups can be used in place of the standard mailing list.
  • This feature is also great for group collaboration on a specific projects.
  • Posts to the groups will be seen in member streams. However, if the group is private only the member will see it.
  • Posts can be further targeted to members by language or country.

Creating a Facebook Group

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. In the left hand column click on Create Group
  3. Enter group name
  4. Add members
  5. Select privacy option
  6. Click Create
  7. It takes two seconds and your group is created.
  8. Clicking on “Edit Settings” will allow you to set up notifications of group activity, group chat messages, and whether or not to allow the group to show up in your home navigation.
  9. To edit the group’s information, upload a profile picture, and adjust privacy settings, click “Edit Group”.

Visit the Social Media Video Library for more blogging and social media training. Contact me for a free 1 hour consultation on how to use Facebook pages and other social media tools to your advantage.

Prospecting on Facebook: Using Targeted Facebook Groups to Find Clients

Facebook Groups Can Connect You with Unlimited Prospects

Facebook is all about connecting. Therefore, successfully marketing your business on the social network means you need to be…well…social. Interacting with the people who you have befriended on the site is a good start. However, if you really want to start raking in the prospects then joining Facebook groups can get you in front of people starving for the knowledge, products, and services you offer.

Facebook provides an app called Advanced Search Beta 2.2 which makes it so easy to find groups on the site that fit the demographics of your target audience. Here is how to install the app on your profile and how to find groups to join on the site.

Installing Facebook Groups App

Step One
Facebook Groups 1
Step Two
Facebook Groups 2
Step Three
Facebook Groups 3
Step Four
Facebook Groups 4
Step Five
Facebook Groups 5
Step Six
Facebook Groups 6

Tips for Successfully Using Facebook Groups

* Join with the purpose of providing value to the group. This means sharing high quality information and interacting with the other members as people. Don’t spam the group with your sales message. Not only are you likely to get kicked out of the group, you will be seen as a spammer and your reputation will suffer. Just like a computer, put good stuff and get good stuff out.

* Get involved with members off site. You can increase your visibility within your target market by continuing the conversation with the members of the group outside of Facebook. Go to their blogs and comment on their articles, participate in offline meetings, or become a follower of theirs on Twitter. The more the group members see you around the more trusted you will become and the more likely they will be with making a purchase or recommending you to someone they know.

* Judiciously share links to your content. There will be times when it is appropriate to share your content. Do so only if it applies to the topic under discussion. Don’t just throw out links to your sales page. Instead point to articles or videos on your site that add to the conversation. You could even create content that answers a question or provides a different view on a subject under debate. The thing to remember here is that your content should be relevant to the group.

Facebook groups provide an excellent opportunity to network with more people on the social networking site and extend the reach of your business. For more tips on how to use social media marketing, like Facebook groups, to generate customers for your business contact me for a free consultation.

Watch Out! Facebook Scams are Alive and Thriving

Facebook Scams Becoming as Popular as Social Network

Like everything else in the world, people have found a way to scam others using Facebook. It’s one of those things that if it sounds too good to be true then it is. With Facebook, people are trying to make (or rather steal) money by crating fake pages that promise one thing but deliver nothing but a scam. The important thing is not to fall for it.
Facebook Scams
Every year, millions of people are scammed across the internet – with or without Facebook. They give their credit numbers thinking that they’ll be getting something really great in return. All they end up getting are empty promises or dangerous computer viruses. Either way, there are people benefiting from the ignorance or carelessness of others using Facebook scams and other unsavory methods.

Being able to spot these Facebook scams will save you a lot of time, aggravation, and money. You can avoid many of the Facebook scams and dangers simply by thinking twice before clicking on any of the ads or links found on the site – even if it’s from one of your good friends telling you to check out a YouTube video. As technology gets more and more advanced, so do the hackers!

Facebook Scams Depend on You to Click Before You Think

Before you click on a link, check on where it really takes you. Hover your cursor over the link. The address will display in the bottom left corner of your web browser. Many scam artists use phishing sites to get information from you that they use to steal your identity and your money. Looking closely at the web address will tell you where you really are. If it says Facebook followed by a decimal point and then other words or symbols, such as then it’s a phishing site and you should avoid visiting the site or close your browser if you already clicked the link.

Too many people fall for these Facebook scams. It doesn’t matter who you are, you can still find yourself as a victim and often without even knowing it. While Facebook is usually one step ahead of the scams, they’re still out there. Ads, links, videos, even those random people who want to be your friend can all lead you into a scam.

Silence Perpetuates Facebook Scams

Facebook scams thrive on silence. The more you notice suspicious things and say nothing, the more these scams continue. Scams can ruin people’s lives, or at the very least, destroy their hard drive. It you see something that doesn’t look right let your friends know. Stay on top of what the current Facebook scams are by reading internet scam sites so that you have the knowledge you need to prevent yourself from becoming victimized.

So, what happens if you think your Facebook account was hacked into? Immediately change your password and report the problem to Facebook. Don’t let the scammers win by staying silent, otherwise the vicious cycle of Facebook scams continue.

Marketing on Facebook Opens Many Doors

Marketing on Facebook

Marketing on Facebook

Marketing on Facebook

Marketing in today’s world means thinking outside of the box. Social media marketing is even a part of the curriculum for many business and marketing degrees. When nearly everyone with internet access uses Facebook, marketing on the popular social media site is the premier way to really get attention. TV ads are becoming less effective since many people simply DVR their shows and fast forward through them.

It doesn’t matter what you’re marketing. It can be your company, a new product, or even yourself. It’s all about active promotion and marketing on Facebook is one marketing tactic that can definitely get you noticed. Facebook fan pages can get your company or its products and services in front of people who can then spread your marketing message simply by giving it a thumbs up. Coupons are an effective way to reward fans for clicking the “Like” button and providing you or your company more exposure.

Marketing on Facebook Requires Smart and Consistent Effort

Marketing on Facebook means setting aside time each day to add content and promote your page in addition to other marketing techniques you may be engaged in including developing a company website. In fact, marketing on Facebook can drive more traffic to your website since you are able to promote it on your Facebook page.

Make sure you add pertinent information about your company to your profile page. This may be the first contact anyone has with your company so make sure it looks its very best and puts your business in a good light. Take advantage of social psychology by working on getting as many people to like the page as possible. It’s strange but when people see that a lot of other people like something, they are more likely to get involved with it too.

Marketing on Facebook is Virtual Word of Mouth Marketing

Basically, marketing on Facebook comes down to friends. The more friends you have the more people who are able to promote your site. The more they promote your site, the more their friends will see your site and so on and so forth. Facebook marketing is virtual word of mouth marketing.

You can glean a lot of information about your user base from your Facebook profile or fan page. More specifically, you will be able to find out who your most passionate users are. Using this information, you can take advantage of their passion and connections by offering them special incentives for promoting your business. This can be more effective than any other marketing technique you employ since people are more likely to heed the recommendations of people they know and trust.

Feel free to contact me directly for a free consultation and to learn more about marketing on Facebook.

Marketing on Facebook

Sending a Facebook Email Whether You Want To or Not

Converting Status Updates into a Facebook Email

Facebook has taken over most of our lives. It’s a great way to stay in touch with even our most distant friends and family. A quick note can lead to a text exchange here and there over the course of a week or a month during which you easily find out what’s been going on with everyone in your social network. Sometimes, though, when you want to post a note to someone’s profile it fails to go through. Instead, Facebook will decide to send a Facebook email on your behalf instead.

A status update is meant to be a quick little note to someone that shows up on their homepage which allows everyone else to see it, too. If, however, your message appears to be a little too long, Facebook will assume that you made a mistake and wanted to send an email. Instead of asking you, however, it converts it to a Facebook email and sends it on your behalf, whether you wanted it to or not.
Facebook email
So if you make your chat too long, you may not get it posted exactly where you want. If it converts into a Facebook email then you lose the ability to have everyone make comments on your post. That’s half the fun of being able to send someone a message on Facebook.

To avoid this, keep your chats short and concise. If you need to, post a series of shorter notes instead of a really long one.

What is Facebook Email?

A Facebook email account is pretty much like every other email account except this one will let you share photos and videos much easier. You will only get to see the message when you are logged into your Facebook account. It will be posted in the messaging portion of your profile so no one else will be able to see it. The message posts like a single thread so it is a little easier to follow the conversation rather than having to open multiple Facebook emails.

Sending an email on Facebook should be a choice. You have two ways to communicate with someone. You can post a quick note to their page or you can send them a private message. When you do this, you’re doing it for a reason – either to get their attention or to keep it private. Either way, it should be your choice and not something that is automatically done on your behalf.

Handling the Facebook Email Issue

Facebook isn’t always the greatest site for getting your communication to go through properly, but it’s popular and helps you to stay connected to the people you care about. If this is the only glitch it has that would be magnificent. As long as you know that Facebook will automatically convert your chat into a Facebook email then you can keep an eye on this. Before hitting the ‘post’ button, look to see which format your message is in.

When you are anticipating replies but don’t get any, go back into Facebook and see where you sent your note. Many people leave messages to read for later on, where as quick chats are often replied to via mobile phone, too. Just remember if you want to make it a status update on someone else’s profile, keep it short so that Facebook doesn’t decide to change it into an email for you.

Are you just starting to use social media to help you market your business? Download my social media checklist (sign up form in sidebar) for a list of simple daily tasks that will lead to a bigger following on Twitter and Facebook. Contact me for a free consultation on the internet marketing tools, including Facebook email, that you should be using to effectively market your business.

Keep It Private with Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook Privacy Settings Controls Information Leaks

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends, family, co-workers and almost anyone else in your life. But do you really want everyone know what you’re doing? Think about what you have posted on Facebook as well as what that information could do if it fell into the wrong hands and you’ll see why Facebook privacy is important.
Facebook Privacy
It is a good idea to keep the different aspects of your life separate using the Facebook privacy settings. Your social life really has nothing to do with your work or business. Your relationship with your co-workers, subordinates, and business partners can be negatively impacted by the things you put on your Facebook page. Using Facebook privacy settings to limit who can find out what you’re doing in your social life can prevent you from getting into trouble!

Ignoring Facebook Privacy Issues Can Lead to Unemployment

Many companies are using Facebook whether you realize it or not. Employers are looking for social media profiles of possible candidates. Managers are checking Facebook to see if someone called out because they’re really sick or just partied too hard. If you post about how you went to a great party on Sunday and then you called out too sick to work on Monday, you could find yourself without a job on Tuesday.

Use Facebook privacy settings to control what gets seen. Even your best friends probably shouldn’t know some things about you and your relationship with others. In addition to shooting yourself in the foot, many games will rat you out by posting updates on your profile too. Maybe you don’t want everyone knowing you just leveled up in Mafia Wars particularly if you told a friend you had something else to do to avoid hanging out with them. To prevent this type of embarrassing slip up from occurring look for the pop up that ask if you want to post your game results to your profile.

Be Smart About Your Facebook Privacy

So how does all this get avoided? You must take control of your Facebook privacy issues using the tools available. Control who sees what on your Facebook profile by grouping your “friends” into different lists. This way you can have a work list and a friend list. When you post a status update, you can select which groups gets to see what you have written and thus protecting your Facebook privacy.

You can also enhance your Facebook privacy by removing yourself from the search aspect of Facebook. This will prevent people from finding you by name, email address, or any other identifying information. Your boss or potential employers won’t be able to find out what you do in your social life and judge you on it. However, people you want to find you, like college friends, won’t be able to.

Ultimately, it comes down to what you want. If you’re not easily embarrassed and don’t mind being an open book with your statuses, photos, and posts, then you have nothing to worry about. If you’re like most people who value a certain amount of privacy then start looking at your Facebook privacy settings to control who can see what’s going on in your life.

How To Use Facebook To Build Your Brand

Learn How to Use Facebook to Your Advantage

Facebook is the leading social networking site on the internet and it is only going to get bigger. In this video you will learn how to use Facebook to network with prospects and potential business partnets as well as the best way to position your business for marketing success on the website. Text included at the bottom so you can print out and follow along.

What is Facebook?

  • Facebook is a social networking site that was started by Mark Zuckerburg in 2004 while he was a student at Harvard
  • The site has over 500 million users and the average user has 130 “Friends”
  • Facebook is the second most visited site in the internet. The user base spends over 700 billion minutes on the site.
  • eens and adults use the site to connect with friends, family, work mates, and to connect with brands.
  • Businesses use the site to monitor brand interaction and reputation. Facebook makes it easy for businesses to market themselves on the site.
  • Facebook is a self contained platform. If it were a party, this is where people would sit down for a meal and socialize.

Setting Up Your Facebook Profile

  • Your Facebook profile is partially brandable. You don’t have control over how it looks, but there are apps you can use to extend functionality.
  • Set up a separate Fan Page for your business. Do not use the name of your MLM program. Brand yourself.
  • Upload a picture of yourself. Preferably the same branded picture you use on other social media profiles.
  • Have fun with your personal bio. Be professional but don’t be a cookie cutter copy of other people in your industry. Show your personality.
  • Let people know where else they can find you online.
  • You can link to all of your sites on Facebook.

Setting Up a Facebook Fan Page

  • When signing up for a fan page, use the Brand, Product, or Organization to get the best profile options.
  • Use a branded photo or logo for the image.
  • Use apps that add functionality to the page. For example, use the Welcome App to create a custom page for visitors.
  • Fill out the all the company info.
  • The mission statement should reflect what your fans can expect to get by being your fans.
  • Integrate your business Twitter account into the page.
  • Include links to other social networks your business belongs to.
  • Add the fan page widget to your website.

Useful Facebook Apps

  • Facebook Blog App – Allows you to post the RSS feed from your blog. Posts will be displayed on your profile.
  • Twitter App – Allows you to integrate your Twitter profile. Tweets will be displayed in your status stream
  • YouTube Box App – Post videos from your YouTube account to your profile
  • Skype Me – Skype is a VoIP phone service that costs pennies to use. If you have a Skype account or thinking about getting one, this application will allow users to call you right from your Facebook profile.
  • Promotions App – Use the Promotions application to set up interactive campaigns, such as contests or giveaways, on your Facebook profile or fan page.
  • Extended Info – Although your Facebook profile does have space for you to tell people about yourself, sometimes what’s available in the Facebook options is not enough. Extended Info is an application that allows you to add additional, custom information to your profile. If you had a personal profile, this would be a wonderful tool for adding information about your business.
  • Discussion Boards – an application that allows you to run a small forum on your Facebook profile.
  • Welcome Tab for Pages – This application allows you to create a welcome page for people who visit your Facebook profile or fan page. You can add text, photos, and video. The page can be set as a landing page on your profile.


  • Integrate the widget into your website and encourage web visitors to “Like” it.
  • Your business profile and your personal profile should be separate. This is important if you share personal information. If you get friend requests from people you don’t know, refer them to your business page.
  • If you wouldn’t say it to your grandma, don’t post it on Facebook.
  • After you get 25 people to join your business page, you can get a pretty URL from Facebook (e.g. Take advantage of this when you qualify.
  • Do not use the name of your MLM in your fan page name. You want your fan page to be portable.
  • Use Facebook’s friend finder tool to find people you know and friend them.
  • Your status updates should provide value to your readers. You are not limited to a certain number of characters so feel free to post information that is great.
  • How much you participate on Facebook is your personal preference. But be consistent.
  • Try to be on Facebook when your target audience is on Facebook. Popular times include in the morning before work, at lunch time, and after work.
  • You will receive page requests all the time. Which ones you join is up to you. However, to maintain a professional front, don’t join the crazy ones. They show up on your profile.
  • When commenting on blogs, if they allow you to connect using Facebook then do that. Your comment will also appear on your Facebook profile.
  • Don’t friend spam. If they refuse or don’t respond, don’t keep asking.


  • Like = This is a vote for a page. Recommendations show up on your status page.
  • Friend = To request a connection with another member on Facebook
  • Unfriend = To disconnect from another member on Facebook
  • Status Update = Short messages to your friends about your status (or thoughts and recommendations). There are no character limits.
  • Farmville, Mafia Wars, and hundreds of others = These are in site games that will eat up your day if you let them.

Building Your Network

  • Know who you want to network with. Determine who you target audience is.
  • Use to find people to friend.
  • Some people friend everyone and some people don’t. Be careful if you post personal info.
  • Go for quality over quantity. Take the time to get to know the people in your network.
  • Join Fan pages of other business associates and contribute to their wall. This will help raise your visibility and attract more fans.
  • Join Fan pages of your company brand and Like their news.
  • Integrate your Facebook profile into other social networks and your website.
  • Don’t be afraid to unfriend people who have stopped posting updates, only spam, or don’t engage with you. Quality over quantity.
  • Make use of promotions widget to promote your product, service or business
  • Use the testimonial widget and encourage colleagues and customers to write a testimony of you and/or your product, service, or business.
  • This is controversial but you can join Like parties where members like each others pages. The Likes are seen by everyone in your network so you can really extend the reach of your brand if you do this.
  • Send updates to your fans but don’t abuse this function because it sends a real email to them. Send out unique content to fans to encourage more people fan your page.
  • Use the Welcome app to create a custom welcome page that encourages people to fan your page.
  • Ask your Twitter followers to friend you on Facebook. Promote the link in your Twitter stream.

My Facebook Marketing Strategy

  • Self promotion – to my blog, articles, etc.
  • Promote other people

Facebook Etiquette

  • DO NOT SPAM. Spam on Facebook comes in several forms. 1 – Only promoting your stuff 24/7, 2- Sending personal messages that ask people to visit your business or buy your stuff, 3- Sending fake event notification to people asking them that are really invitation to join your program, 4- Letting robots Failbook for you.
  • However, don’t go the other way and never promote your stuff. Find balance.
  • Log in regularly to check and respond to messages. 100% automation is not recommended. People want to talk to you, not a robot.
  • Thank people for friending you and Liking your content.
  • Comment on other people’s status updates.
  • Engage in conversation.
  • Be yourself. No one else can do the job
  • Don’t argue on Facebook. You will end up on Use the personal message function to disagree.
  • Promote your Facebook account like any other web property you own.
  • Don’t just talk business. Talk about your other interests as well. Be a real person.
  • However, your Facebook profile is not the appropriate place for drunk pictures of you on Halloween.

Promoting Your Facebook Account

  • Add the Facebook widget to your website
  • Add a link to your email signature
  • Place a link on your business cards
  • If you do article marketing, link to your Facebook account in your resource box.
  • Run specials or give away coupon codes to your Facebook friends to encourage other to join.
  • Participate in Facebook forums relevant to your business
  • Friend other people. Most people will friend you back.
  • Engage, engage, engage
  • Share your link on other social networks
  • Make your fan page a place where people can get exclusive information if they friend.

Using Facebook Ads

  • Facebook’s ad platform provides a great way to target consumers on the site.
  • To avoid wasting money, you should know who you are targeting.
  • Put some thought into the design of your ad. Use an eye catching title and graphics. Search on the internet for tips on designing a good ad.
  • Choose Pay Per Click (PPC) instead of impressions or you will end up paying thousands and not getting anything in return.
  • Set a daily budget you can afford.
  • Ask you users to Like your Facebook ad. More Likes usually results in lower pricing.
  • If you can, rotate you ads. Ads tend to go stale after awhile as members of the site get used to seeing them.


Visit the Social Media Video Library for more blogging and social media training. Contact me for a free 1 hour consultation on how to use Facebook and other social media tools to your advantage.


Social Media Pet Peeve: Automated Direct Messages on Twitter

My biggest pet peeve on Twitter is the automated dm on Twitter. It drives me crazy. And I’m not the only one. I’ve spoken to other people on Twitter who say that they will delete anyone who sends them an automated direct message on Twitter.

I don’t blame them. All it does is clog up the inbox and makes no effort to actually start a relationship with the person who has chosen to be a part of your network. I don’t want to get a robotic message from you. I would rather talk to you about what you do and see how I can help you.

To me automated direct messages on Twitter just sends a message that you don’t care enough about your followers to personally interact with them. What do you think? What are your social media pet peeves?

Daily Deals and Coupons On Facebook

Facebook Enters the Daily Deals Online Market

Everyone loves saving money and getting the best daily deals especially in today’s economy. There are plenty of coupons around. Most people end up clipping them out of the Sunday paper. But that’s time consuming and not always focused on what you want. Facebook, however, comes to the rescue by entering the daily deals online market.
Daily Deals, Coupons, and Discounts
Facebook helps businesses showcase their daily deals and discounts by allowing them to offer coupons. Some companies will give you a coupon or discount as soon as you “Like” their fan page. It’s a questionable social media marketing tactic, though, because it’s buying a fan base. But most people either don’t care or really give it any serious thought as long as they can save a buck or two. Sad but true.

Facebook is always branching out in the quest to be everything to everyone. So, just like Groupon, here comes Facebook with their daily deals. Groupon is a site that emails a “deal of the day” to people based on the metropolitan area they live in. Because of its popularity and how many people have joined, other companies are rushing to try and duplicate their success. It should come as no surprise, then, that Facebook is following suit.

Facebook is Testing out New Daily Deals Feature

Facebook is currently only testing daily deals in certain cities. With Facebook endorsing it, it’s unlikely that it will flop so it is just a matter of time before they open the program up to every major city worldwide especially when other companies, like Open Table and other e-retailers are backing the idea. Facebook aims to use daily deals to give all of its users a true bargain shopping experience.

Like everything else, though, Facebook will put their own spin on the daily deals online program. It’s high likely they will collaborate with other companies on joint ventures so that getting daily deals and discounts will be a social experience. For example, they may set it up so that a person gets an even bigger discount based on the number of friends who also sign up for the same deal which would turn Facebook users into sales people for the businesses in the program. What else would you expect from a social site?

How Businesses Benefit from Facebook’s New Daily Deals Program

While Facebook works on their whole program, users can already get the best daily deals, discounts, and freebies when they check in at different locations through Facebook Places. People get rewarded for visiting certain stores and locations once or even more frequently. Just like other mobile sites, such as FourSquare, companies benefit from the added exposure and customers get savings in just a few clicks.

The daily deals will allow people to not only get great discounts on the things they want, companies can increase their exposure to the Facebook crowd. Deals, coupons, discounts, and access to all sorts of other savings opportunities are enough to get people to “Like” it. It is fitting that Facebook is implementing this program since saving money with daily deals is just as addictive as being on the social networking site.

How to Set Up and Use Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups

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