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Going Green

Going Green Is Not Just For Big Business-You Can Grow Profits, Too!

The world of big business is making daily headlines by “going green” after discovering that what’s good for the planet is also proving good for business. IBM recently announced “Project Big Green,” a $1 billion initiative to reduce energy consumption by offering new lines of energy-efficient IT products.

Wal-Mart is adding solar power to more than 20 stores.

PepsiCo is buying renewable energy certificates to offset its carbon footprint. Even major banks and energy firms are being asked by shareholders to prove that they, too, are going green.

It’s not just the biggest businesses that are attracting new customers and shareholders and reaping huge profits by “going green.” Small businesses also are growing eco-profits by embracing surprisingly inexpensive strategies to add value to their products, services and brand.

Consider these innovative examples:
- Bob Smith of Mad River Brewing Company in Blue Lake, California, has attracted positive publicity (and new customers) by promoting his efforts to reduce his small firm’s waste output and take other environmentally conscious steps. In turn, he has received welcome positive publicity from the press. “What PR budget? That is our PR budget,” he told the Albuquerque Tribune about “going green” to market his business.

- In Florida, Natalie Kelly formed Home Therapy Cleaning Services, which uses only nontoxic, all-natural cleaning products for her home cleaning business. She used to sell aromatherapy candles from her home, she told the St. Petersburg Times, but today uses an aromatherapy baking soda blend to freshen carpets.
Here’s what you can do:

- Two inexpensive ways any small business or solo entrepreneur can go green are to change light bulbs to energy-efficient bulbs and use biodegradable cleaning products.

- With that done, tell your customers and the media about these simple ways to go green. You will have just earned instant credibility as a green business, and also as a media resource for simple, effective ways to “go green.”

- Many communities online and offline are forming networks to exchange energy-saving ideas for home and business. Form your own energy network, enlisting neighborhood businesses that will welcome another opportunity to show they’re going green, too. The plus for you is that you will have just positioned yourself and your business as a community environmental leader.

- Copy what the New York Times called “Phase 2″ of the corporate response to global warming. Partner with an environmental group. Travelocity invites customers to donate an extra $10 to $40, which goes to the Conservation Fund to plant trees to offset the carbon used by a client to take a trip. Whole Foods invites customers to buy a $5 “wind power card” that goes to Renewable Choice Energy to build wind farms. What local environmental group can you partner with to promote on your Web site (and vice versa), to set aside a day that a percentage of profits will go to that organization or to make their fliers available at your business?

- Make use of readily available, free information to hand out with your business literature or to make available in your office. For example, create a one-page flier on your letterhead inviting clients to calculate their own carbon footprint by visiting

- Go deeper green! Attend a “green” conference in your community or region, and promote your attendance. (Go to and type in “green” and “conference” and your area to find out when and where they are scheduled.) Write a “green” article on simple ways you are going green and submit it to one of the dozens of “green” Web sites and blogs that invite reader contributions. It’s a great way to market your smart ideas and your business!

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Green Business Ideas for Eco Friendly Businesses

It’s that time of year again. The kids are back in school, the leaves are changing, and you’re stuck at home or working the same dead end job wondering where the summer went. The bad news is the economy is limping towards improvement but they are projecting it will be years before the jobs returns. The good news is if you have ever thought about starting a green business then now is the perfect time to do so. The move towards being eco responsible and going green has created a huge industry of opportunity for savvy business people. In 2009, Green Seal found that 82% of the 1000 people they surveyed were still buying eco-friendly products even though the recession was well underway. According to Reuters, people spent $38 billion on green products in 2009 alone. Green is where the money is and if you want a piece of that pie, then here are a few green businesses you can start today. Read the rest of this entry »

Eco-friendly Feminine Hygiene Products: Divacup

Feminine hygiene products are something that every women uses but not many really like to deal with. But if you are striving to live a more Earth friendly life, then it is definitely something that needs to addressed since disposable menstrual products also contribute to the trash overflowing our landfills. There are approximately 85 million women of menstrual age in North America alone. In her lifetime, the average women toss away 200-300 pounds of sanitary napkins, tampons, and associated waste in the trash can. This adds up to about 20 billion feminine hygiene products finding their way into landfills, sewer systems, and waterways. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips for Going Green – Save the Earth with Your Toothbrush

Every day, I am reminded that going green is a journey of discovery. Just when I think I have a handle on things, I read an article or talk to a fellow environmentalist and get more valuable tips for going green. A few days ago, I was speaking to a friend about recycling and they brought up an unusual topic: Toothbrushes. Like most people, I never really gave a lot of thought to the tools I used to keep my teeth in good shape. Until that day, I didn’t even realize that the caps to toothpaste tubes were totally recyclable (just rinse them off and throw them in the recycle box). But after speaking to my friend and doing some research on the internet, I learned that you can turn a very wasteful necessity (50 million pounds of toothbrushes are dumped in landfills every year) to one that is healthier for the environment. So for this week’s tips for going green, I’m going show you a few ways you can make your toothbrush a little more eco-friendly. Read the rest of this entry »

Natural Sunscreen – Avoiding Sun Damage the Natural Way

It is interesting how the times change. Not even a century ago, it was considered a faux pas to have tanned skin. People associated tanned skin with laborers and used natural sunscreen methods to avoid the effects of the sun at all costs. Around the mid-nineteenth century things changed and having a tan indicated you were rich enough to have the time to lie around all day. These days, however, we better understand the dangers of getting too much sun especially in light of the environmental damage that has been done to the planet. It is more important than ever that you protect yourself while outside and wear sunscreen. Unfortunately, this is where things start getting a little complicated. Not all sunscreens are alike. In fact, there is a very real difference between regular sunblock and all natural sunscreen. Read the rest of this entry »

Green Kids: Talking to Kids About the Environment

One of the more challenging aspects of raising green kids is talking to them about the environment. It is absolutely amazing the things that they pick up as they move through their day. And since the environment is on everyone’s lips these days, it is inevitable that they hear about our environmental concerns - global warming, animals going extinct, and toxins in our food supply. These things worry me as an adult, so I know they are particularly scary to children who are old enough to understand but are too young to put things in proper perspective. This is especially worrisome if kids are watching the news or listening to adults who watch the news. As we all know mainstream media tends to emphasize the negative as well as blow things out of proportion because that’s what gets them the ratings. As parents raising green kids, we want them to learn how to be good conservators of the Earth. At the same time, we want them to be kids and not worry about such serious issues until they are older. To offset the influence of the world around them, here are a few tips for talking to your kids about the environment. Read the rest of this entry »

Organic Pest Control – Getting Rid of Pests in the Garden

One of the healthiest things you can do for your family, and your wallet, is to grow your own food. Not only does this give you some control over the quality of the food you eat, an edible garden will help lower your overall food bill. After all, a small packet of seeds generally costs only a dollar or two and will produce more than enough food for your family, your neighbors and anyone else who will take a basket of goodies from you. That is, if you use organic pest control methods to prevent the bugs and animals from destroying your crops. One of the major drawbacks to owning a fruit or vegetable garden is that it can quickly be overrun by insects and animals wanting to snack on the fruits of your labor. It can be tempting to want to use pesticides or other harsh, but effective, chemicals to manage them. However, not only does that harm the environment but pesticide residue will end up on your vegetables and eventually your plate. The side effects from ingesting these chemicals are unpleasant so it is just better to stick with organic pest control to keep your garden bug free. Read the rest of this entry »

Organic Pest Control – Healthy Green Ways to Get Rid of Pests

When you are new to going green, it can be challenging coming up with Earth-friendly solutions to major problems. This is especially true when it comes to finding organic pest control methods that effectively get rid of household pests. In the past, dealing with pests like ants, roaches, spiders, et al generally entailed using toxic chemicals to kill them or prevent them from entering the home. However, these chemicals are just as dangerous to humans as they are to the bugs they were created to eliminate. Luckily, there are a number of organic pest control methods you can use to keep your home bug free. Read the rest of this entry »

Personal Care Products – Go Green for Better Health

Personal care products are supposed to make us beautiful and help keep us in good health. After all, manufacturers are constantly touting the benefits of using their products 24/7. This shampoo will give you soft manageable hair. That face cream will erase 10 years worth of wrinkles. Your favorite body wash will make your skin sparkle which will attract the eye of every manly man within a 50 mile radius. But underneath these sometimes impossible to believe claims lay a hidden cost that the manufacturers and marketers don’t want you to know about. The true cost of the everyday personal care products you enjoy go far beyond what is listed on their price tag. In actuality, you are taking years off your life every time you wash your hair, brush your teeth, or put on hand lotion purchased from mainstream beauty companies. The truth that they are trying desperately to hide is that many of the products on the shelves contain dangerous chemicals that are toxic to your body. Read the rest of this entry »

Clean Drinking Water – Is Our Drinking Water Safe?

Many people assume the water that flows from their kitchen or bathroom faucet is safe to consume and use. After all, they reason, ground water is filtered through a water plant that ensures it is safe, healthy and clean drinking water. The shocking truth is, what comes out of your faucet may not be as healthy for you are you may think. While there are stringent guidelines watersheds must abide by, once the water leaves the facility it can run into any number of contaminants on its way to your home. Additionally, not everyone gets their water from the public water system. In many areas, mostly rural, water is drawn from other sources like wells. Private water systems are not regulated by the EPA, which means there may be no water filtration in place to ensure clean drinking water for residents. Read the rest of this entry »
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