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Set Your Blog on Fire with Hot Article Topics

Blogging About Popular Article Topics Will Bring Crazy Traffic to Your Blog

Readers are like parking meters. You have to feeding them a constant stream of informational articles in order to keep their interest from expiring. Blogging on a consistent basis ensures they will return to your site again and again to see what’s new. But coming up with article topics can be challenging, particularly if you’ve been blogging for awhile.

Luckily there are a number of awesome ways to get ideas for your article writing. Seeking out hot article topics can provide both inspiration and generate website traffic. Hot article topics are those subjects that everyone just can’t stop talking about. It could be anything from Charlie Sheen’s winning to the earthquake in Japan to the recent budget show down in the United States.
Hot Article Topics
The article topics don’t necessarily have to be in your particular industry either. As long as you are able to find a way to tie hot topics to the subject matter of your blog you will be able to capitalize on the public’s need for more information about it. For example, personal development bloggers can write about the life lessons Charlie Sheen’s public meltdown offers.

How to Find Hot Article Topics for Your Article Writing

Finding the hot article topics that are trending in the public conversation is easy once you know where to look.

Search Engine Popular Now

Most of the search engines have a page listing the most searched for keywords. Bing lists their most popular search terms on the bottom right of their front page. They also have a social section which provides a list of the hottest topics on Twitter and Facebook. (link)

Google’s hot topics can be found on their Google Trends Page (link). In addition to hot topics and popular searches, the site will show the frequency in which people are talking about the subject in different regions and even different days.

Yahoo puts their trending topics on the front page of their site (link). However, they also keep a list of hot article topics on their Buzz blog (link).

Twitter Trending Topics

Showing hot topics is one thing that Twitter excels at. The social site lists trending topics both on their front page and in the sidebar of your profile (when you are signed in). The top tweets on the front page can also be a source of writing prompts for blog articles. Lastly, using a tool like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to follow popular keywords in your industry can unearth some awesome popular article topics.

Check Blog Comments for Article Topics

Are you reading other blogs in your niche? If not, then you are leaving money on the table. Not only can you generate website traffic to your blog by leaving topical comments, the article section itself can provide a steady stream of article writing ideas. People will use the comment section to leave their opinion on the subject and ask questions. The number of comments left on an article can indicate just how popular the topic is as well.

Blogging about hot article topics that are on the forefront of everyone’s mind is an excellent way to make your blog relevant to what is happening in the world today. Do you want to learn about other ways build your brand and make sales with a blog? Contact me for a free consultation where we will talk about finding inspiration for article topics and different ways this popular tool can get your name in front of the people that matter the most; your customers.

Today Is The Best Day Of My Life !

What are Some Great Quotes?

I see people on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook posting quotes to their profiles. I love quotes. I think they are a great way to start the day and get you motivated to achieve everything you set out to do.

I would really love to compile a page of quotes. So I’m reaching out to all of my friends and ask that you post your favorite quote in the comment section. To kick things off, here are a few great ones I found:

“Men never plan to be failures; they simply fail to plan to be successful.” – William Ward

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“There isn’t a person anywhere who isn’t capable of doing more than he thinks he can.” – Henry Ford

“We’ve got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant. You can’t just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it’s going to get on by itself. You’ve got to keep watering it. You’ve got to really look after it and nurture it.” – John Lennon

Drop your best quotes in the comment section.

I Need Something Great To Read. Please Help!

Today Is The Best Day Of My Life !

A fabulous video clip that will inspire and motivate you. Read the rest of this entry »

Sacrifice-Greater Good-Persistence-Motivation-Dreams! Do YOU Have What It Takes?

7 Tips for De-Stressing at the Office

7 Tips for De-Stressing at the Office

By: Joy Paley who also writes for on the topic of online business degrees

Work stress not only makes you feel terrible?it can also clog your brain and keep you from being productive and making the most of your workday. While ?working through the stress? may be possible for some, the human amongst us retreat to mindlessly reading our favorite blogs or playing Tetris on our phones. Here are seven ways to decrease the stress so that you can get back to work and come home from the office at a reasonable hour.

1. Take a Screen Break

There?s nothing like staring at a computer screen for 9 hours straight to make you feel anxious and fried. Bring a book or magazine to work to read, for regular 3-minute screen breaks. Reading something unrelated to your work will put your brain on autopilot and help get rid of built-up tension.

2. Do Some In-Office Yoga

While I don?t recommend downward dog, some yoga poses can be done right at your office. These stretches help combat an often overlooked cause of stress: the muscle aches that come from sitting down all day. Try some neck rolls, shoulder stretches, and others that can be done from the comfort of your cubicle.

3. Make a Timetable

There are some tasks you could work on endlessly to make them the best they can be. Whether you?re researching past cases or writing up document drafts for your boss, it?s easy to spend too much time on any given assignment. Help break your uber-perfectionism by setting a timetable before you begin a certain task. Quit when the time is up, no matter what. If it really needs more work, you can schedule a bit more time for it later.

4. Try 30 Second Meditation

Sometimes our minds will linger on something we really like, generating a little buzz of pleasure in our brains. Usually, our minds zip off to the next thought instantaneously, leaving that moment of reflection behind. The next time this happens, take 30 seconds to meditate on the happy thought and hold it in your mind. You?ll be surprised how much contemplating a cup of tea or the view from the office window can really revive your brain.

5. Eat Some Protein

Not to sound like your mother, but what you eat really does have an effect on your psychological well-being. While studies have shown carbs to actually leave eaters feeling less-satisfied and more hungry after eating, protein generates a sustained sense of fullness. Keep a bag of trail mix or some yogurt in the office fridge to munch on when you can feel your energy lagging.

6. Clean Your Desk

Why would you waste time cleaning your desk in the middle of a busy workday? Taking 10 minutes to focus on a task completely unrelated to what?s stressing you out will give your mind a bit of time to decompress. And, cleaning your desk is an easy but satisfying task; its accomplishment can bring a bit of positive energy to your mood.

7. Stop the Internet

One of many people?s innate stress responses at work is to start surfing the Internet. Surfing the Net can make you look busy, while also distracting your brain from the stress at hand. You should try to avoid this habit, however. The Internet, and its large volumes of diverse information, can leave your head feeling more abuzz and muddled, inadvertently adding to your stress. If you?re finding it hard to break the habit, consider a program to turn off your Internet for a set amount of time.?

The Importance of Being Present

Woody Allen once famously wrote that “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” For the most part, he’s right. It’s almost impossible to get things done and achieve long-term goals when you choose not to participate in your own life. Disconnection from your surroundings–especially prolonged disconnection–makes it all the more difficult to tune back in when you finally decide to, hurting yourself and likely others around you.

When you actively participate in your own life, when you don’t let people make decisions for you, when you take a stand for things you believe in, and when you don’t do things solely for the sake of doing them, you make a number of things happen. You attract the attention and interest of others, you help to advance causes or your own career, and you bring up your own happiness, provided the thing you’re doing is something you find fulfilling (and given that you’ve decided to make a career of it, I can only hope you do find it fulfilling).

As an example, for several years I worked in radio before leaving the small town in which I lived. Things often got done my way when I made a point of being in the station every day, our volunteers came to know me and assumed that I was a reliable, easy person to contact who could fix things, and I often was thanked and offered help with other things I might’ve needed help to do. Volunteers later went on to take care of problems I showed them how to solve when I moved on to other projects, ultimately making everyone’s lives easier.

When you tune out, the opposite happens. People start doing things for you without telling you, making decisions that you likely won’t agree with, and undermine your role in the system in which you all participate, and not necessarily by choice; sometimes things absolutely have to be done, and the absence of a supervisor simply means that the supervisor gets no say in how that happens, making everyone unhappy in the long term.

Again, taking us back to a job I once had, I was unavailable for several weeks while I resolved personal issues and tried to find ways to deal with an employee whose work I was unhappy with. While I was doing this (and was out of the office), I came back to find that the rest of my staff had authorized spending our entire budget on an event I wasn’t happy with that was logistically unsustainable and degenerated, on the day of, into a complete and total mess. We put together a promotional event with painfully long wait times, gave money to people who shouldn’t have been paid, and left people, especially me, unhappy.?

Around the same time, I also failed to file a letter of recommendation that needed to be filed, and while it didn’t prove to be a long-term problem, as the candidate did receive his position, I put him in real, unnecessary danger of not getting hired despite the fact that he was the only qualified person who applied.

Staying involved can be tricky, but it’s very doable. Make and keep regular office hours, but don’t exhaust yourself; keep a functional schedule. If you have coworkers, maintain regular contact with them and ensure that you all know what you are (or need to be) working on. Don’t ever outsource something totally unless you’re prepared to be presented with something totally unsatisfactory. And don’t disappear for a while without good reason if you expect to go anywhere but down.

Sam Jaine is a guest wrtier for christian counseling degree and radiology technician along with many other educational sites.

The Most Amazing, Inspiring & Motivational Video

Please share this post with everyone you know. It is one of the most moving lectures I have ever seen and feel blessed to have come across it. I hope you will take the time and spend 10 minutes to watch this. It could change your life and the lives of others. Read the rest of this entry »

Life Can Be Amazing! Are You Attracting this into Your Life ?


I just love this video clip and watch it often to remember to appreciate life and be grateful. What do you like about this video? I want to hear your thoughts? Did you mood change after watching it?

ok… now play it again, but this time turn up the volume, stand up and dance to the music! Now…. how did that make you feel? Are you ready to go out and conquer the world? Achieve your goals & dreams ? I AM !


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