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3 Places to Market Your Network Marketing Business Online

Sales are the lifeblood of your network marketing business. Without sales, your network marketing business is nothing more than an expensive hobby. But getting those sales requires you to market your business to the people most likely to make purchases from you; your target audience. Here are three places on the internet where you can find your target audience so you can get your sales messages in front of their eyes. Read the rest of this entry »

Generate MLM Leads by Building a Community Around Your Business

A Community Breeds MLM Leads

Your business depends on generating a consistent flow of mlm leads that you can convert into business associates or customers. But sometimes it can be challenge to find people to share your business plan with. One effective method of getting a steady supply of mlm leads is by getting referrals from your current customer base.

Social media marketing tools such as Twitter Twibes and Ning are great for gathering together like minded people who are excited about your business and are happy to send referrals your way. Here are a few suggestions for creating a community that you can tap into for an almost limitless supply of qualified mlm leads.

Tips for Building a Community for MLM Leads

Have a Gathering Place for Your MLM Leads

MLM Leads
To maximize the effectiveness of your online group, you’ll need a place where everyone can hang out and network with each other as well as speak to you about things that concern them. You can also use the space as a place to post news, promotions and other content, such as useful articles, that benefit the community and attract more members.

Twitter Twibes, Facebook fan pages, and Ning are all great social networking tools that give you the space you need for your internet peeps. Once you have your group set up, some ground rules in place, and a clearly defined purpose, begin inviting people in your target market to join. However, give your community a little bit of time to grow before culling mlm network marketing leads from it.

Give to Receive

Like most living things, you must give your community what it needs to thrive so it can produce the mlm leads you want. This means providing value to the community which can come in the form of posting useful articles and video, opportunities for members to promote themselves or space to network with each other and share information on overcoming common challenges.

The kind of attractive features you provide will vary depending on your target market which is why it is important that you understand the type of people you want in your community. Stay at home moms are going to be attracted to a different group of benefits than career changers. Take a little bit of time to scout out other networks similar to yours to get ideas for things you can do to make your community a hit with your members.

Foster Interaction

People choose to be a part of a community for a number of reasons. The distinguishing factor for many, however, is the relationships they create with other members there. Let’s face it, the World Wide Web is a big, big place and groups just like yours are popping up everywhere every day with the goal of generating mlm leads just like you. The only truly distinguishing feature will the people involved in your community.

Treat your community like a never ending cocktail party of which you are the host. Start discussions, run contests, have a member of the week. Find ways to get your members involved. You will be rewarded with a rich community that will provide you with all the mlm leads you could ask for.

Building a social community around your business is a great way to generate a steady supply of mlm leads. This is just one of many smart marketing techniques I learned while running my home based business. Download my free social media checklist (sign up in sidebar) for a daily to do list of all the things you need to do to increase your following. For personalized help on attracting MLM leads, contact me for a free consultation on the best way to market your business online including using Twitter and other internet business tools.

4 MLM Lead Generation Ideas For Network Marketers

MLM Lead Generation

Where are all the people?

Come on, admit it. When you signed up for your networking marketing program you probably thought you would be deluged with prospects banging down your door. After all, you recognize how great the program is that you signed up for. It should be just as obvious to everyone else. However, after you burn through friends and family you realize, fairly quickly, that mlm lead generation was not as easy as you first thought.

Don’t feel bad. Some of the best salespeople in the world struggled with generating leads for their businesses. However, they didn’t let that slow them down and neither should you. Here are 4 mlm lead generation ideas you can use to get anxious customers to line up outside your door.

MLM Lead Generation Ideas

mlm lead generation

Ask Customers for Leads

Customer referrals are some of the best mlm lead generations you will ever get. That’s because these types of referrals come with a built in endorsement from the referrer. People trust recommendations from their friends and family more than anyone else. Therefore, ask your happy customers for referrals of people who they think may be interested in the opportunity. You may find you don’t have as much sales resistance when you speak to prospects referred by customers.

Give Something Away for MLM Lead Generation

I’ve said this many times before. People love free stuff and are generally more than happy to give up an email address, phone number or business card to get it. The caveat is that your giveaway must be worth the “price”. The best way to handle this is to figure out what your target market likes and give it to them. For example, home based business owners may be willing to give you their email address in exchange for access to a tutorial on how to generate more sales.

Join Their Club and Network

Good old fashioned one on one interaction should be a staple mlm lead generation technique in every network marketer’s arsenal. Find out where people in your target market hangs out and join them. For example, if your network marketing business deals in weight management products, then you’ll want to join forums dedicated to weight loss and interact with the people there. To avoid being labeled a spammer, be sure to contribute positively to the community.

Host an Event

Expanding on the one on one mlm lead generation idea, you can host an event that brings people in your target market to you. Your event can be anything as basic as a meet and greet to something more elaborate like an actual free weekend trip to a resort. The major benefit of doing this is that you can incorporate a sales presentation into the event which will help separate the committed from the socialites.

The good news is once you get used to mlm lead generation you will eventually get so good at it that it will become second nature. But don’t forget the second part of the equation. Put your best foot forward and sell your prospect on the deal.

Download my free social media checklist (sign up in sidebar) for a daily to do list of all the things you need to do to increase your following. For personalized help, contact me for a free consultation on the best way to market your business online including using Twitter and other internet business tools for mlm lead generation.

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