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Clean Drinking Water – Is Our Drinking Water Safe?

Water from the Tap

Many people assume the water that flows from their kitchen or bathroom faucet is safe to consume and use. After all, they reason, ground water is filtered through a water plant that ensures it is safe, healthy and clean drinking water. The shocking truth is, what comes out of your faucet may not be as healthy for you are you may think.

While there are stringent guidelines watersheds must abide by, once the water leaves the facility it can run into any number of contaminants on its way to your home. Additionally, not everyone gets their water from the public water system. In many areas, mostly rural, water is drawn from other sources like wells. Private water systems are not regulated by the EPA, which means there may be no water filtration in place to ensure clean drinking water for residents.

The Problem with Water

Unclean drinking water can carry waterborne diseases that can make you sick. The major contaminant of the water systems is human sewage which can infect the water supply with pathogens and parasites, like E. Coli and Giardia Lamblia, that kill an estimated 1.8 million people every year worldwide. Chemicals and unsafe metals, such as lead, can also find their way into the water supply and cause catastrophic disease such as Cancer.
glass of water
There are several things you can do to guarantee that there is safe and clean drinking water in your home. The first thing you want to do is to request a Consumer Confidence Report from your Municipality. These reports will tell you about the quality of the water coming into your home. You want to be particularly aware of lead levels and any bio contaminants that may be present.

However, even if the report says that you have clean drinking water by the EPA standards, as noted before, the water can pick up any number of toxins and pollutants as it moves through the pipes. Therefore your second step is to test your water for purity. This is especially important for those getting water from private water sources that may not have an effective water filtration system in place.

There are a number of water testing kits on the market that will tell you if you have safe drinking water. Unfortunately, you’ll have to test for each contaminant separately which could make things a little expensive. However, the main things you want to check for are lead levels and bacterial elements. Another option is to contact your local health department. They may have a program in place where someone comes out to test your water for you.

The last step in providing safe, healthy, clean drinking water for your family is to take control of your water supply by implementing a home water filtration system of some kind. Your system can be as simple as using a handheld carafe specially designed for filtering water to be safe to drink or as elaborate as whole house water filtration systems designed to screen water at the entry point.

Safe Water Options

The cheapest option is the handheld carafe which you would generally use to strictly provide clean drinking water on a day to day basis. Whole house water filtration systems will filter all the water that comes into the home but is the most expensive choice. An in-between choice would be to install an under the counter system in the kitchen and then shower water filtration units in the bathrooms for clean bathing water.

In addition to providing safe drinking water, a water filtration system can also save you loads of money every year. Since you are getting clean water from the tap, you can stop purchasing bottled water which will save you up to $500 per year. By eschewing bottled water, you’ll also prevent 8 out of 10 plastic bottles from finding their way into landfills. You’ll do your part to stop the cycle of pollution since the chemicals in plastic bottles can leach into ground water.

Keep your family safe and healthy by installing a water filtration system to provide clean drinking water for your home. You’ll live healthier, be wealthier and do your part to save the environment. Not a bad return on investment of a single worthwhile purchase.

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