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Facebook Fan Pages Give You Quick Access

Facebook Fan Pages are Fan Clubs for the 21st Century

Remember years ago, when you really loved an actor or a band, you joined their fan club? You would fill out a card or send a letter to them and then you’d be a member. Sometimes it would cost a little money and you would get a hat, t-shirt, or membership card. Afterward, maybe every quarter or so, you would receive a letter in the mail telling you what was new with the actor or band. This was fulfilling for us who remember fan clubs. We’d look forward to that letter and get excited when it arrived.
Facebook Fan Pages
Like most everything else, Facebook has turned virtualized the idea of fan clubs. We can’t wait three or four months for a letter any more. We want details now! And Facebook feeds our need for immediate gratification with Facebook Fan Pages. Almost everyone has a fan page these. They’re not dedicated to only Hollywood and the music scene. Facebook fan pages exist for radio stations, authors, and even presidents and monarchs. You can find Facebook fan pages for almost anyone and anything.

Showing Your Love is Easy with Facebook Fan Pages

A simple search on Facebook for whom or what we are looking for will reveal a page dedicated to them and sometimes multiple Facebook fan pages. Your favorite author, athlete, actress, soda – it doesn’t matter. Chances are pretty good that you will find something for them.

To join the Facebook fan page all you need to do is click the “Like” button and that’s it. You’re officially a member. You’ll get updates whenever they post, you can read about what they have going on and what they choose to share. For example, an author may reveal when their next book is due to be released long before an official notice is sent out about it. Athletes may post their schedules detailing when and where they will be playing next.

Virtual Communities Grow with Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook fan pages let us know how many other people love the person or product too. It can be fun to see how many people “Like” the same things you do especially when that number runs into the tens of thousands. But you may also be surprised to find that the person or things you love aren’t as popular as you first thought or that it is popular in surprising places around the world.

Facebook fan pages take the fun out of being a part of a fan club because the suspense is now gone. The only things that come in the mail box these days are bills and junk mail. There’s no more excitement hoping you’re getting that fan club letter. No hopes of an autographed photo or a membership card. However, Facebook fan pages gave us what everyone needs in the 21st century which is quick access to information, no matter how great or small.

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