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Watch Out! Facebook Scams are Alive and Thriving

Facebook Scams Becoming as Popular as Social Network

Like everything else in the world, people have found a way to scam others using Facebook. It’s one of those things that if it sounds too good to be true then it is. With Facebook, people are trying to make (or rather steal) money by crating fake pages that promise one thing but deliver nothing but a scam. The important thing is not to fall for it.
Facebook Scams
Every year, millions of people are scammed across the internet – with or without Facebook. They give their credit numbers thinking that they’ll be getting something really great in return. All they end up getting are empty promises or dangerous computer viruses. Either way, there are people benefiting from the ignorance or carelessness of others using Facebook scams and other unsavory methods.

Being able to spot these Facebook scams will save you a lot of time, aggravation, and money. You can avoid many of the Facebook scams and dangers simply by thinking twice before clicking on any of the ads or links found on the site – even if it’s from one of your good friends telling you to check out a YouTube video. As technology gets more and more advanced, so do the hackers!

Facebook Scams Depend on You to Click Before You Think

Before you click on a link, check on where it really takes you. Hover your cursor over the link. The address will display in the bottom left corner of your web browser. Many scam artists use phishing sites to get information from you that they use to steal your identity and your money. Looking closely at the web address will tell you where you really are. If it says Facebook followed by a decimal point and then other words or symbols, such as then it’s a phishing site and you should avoid visiting the site or close your browser if you already clicked the link.

Too many people fall for these Facebook scams. It doesn’t matter who you are, you can still find yourself as a victim and often without even knowing it. While Facebook is usually one step ahead of the scams, they’re still out there. Ads, links, videos, even those random people who want to be your friend can all lead you into a scam.

Silence Perpetuates Facebook Scams

Facebook scams thrive on silence. The more you notice suspicious things and say nothing, the more these scams continue. Scams can ruin people’s lives, or at the very least, destroy their hard drive. It you see something that doesn’t look right let your friends know. Stay on top of what the current Facebook scams are by reading internet scam sites so that you have the knowledge you need to prevent yourself from becoming victimized.

So, what happens if you think your Facebook account was hacked into? Immediately change your password and report the problem to Facebook. Don’t let the scammers win by staying silent, otherwise the vicious cycle of Facebook scams continue.

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