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Who is Stacy Kinney & What Does She Do ?

Finding Content and Ideas For Your Blog

Content is King

  • People use the internet for several reasons:
    • –To find information
    • –To disseminate information
    • –For entertainment
    • –To make money
    • –For community
  • To attract prospects to your blog, it should be filled with content that fulfills their needs
  • Good content also attracts attention from others in your industry
  • Content written write will be linked to which will improve your standing in the search engines
  • Well written content is shared on social media sites attracting followers and extending the reach of your brand

Getting Content for Your Blog

  • Content includes:
    • –Articles
    • –Video (YouTube, Homemade)
    • –Audio (Podcasting)
    • –Graphics (infographics)
  • In this webinar we are focused on written content – Articles
  • You can get articles from a number of places:
    • –Write them yourself
    • –From article directories like Ezinearticles or ArticleBase
    • –Freelance writers
    • –Guest Bloggers
    • –Private Label Content
    • –Republish content from other websites with permission

Writing Your Own Articles

  • Benefits of writing your own articles:
    • –They are yours to do with as you please
    • –People appreciate hearing your thoughts in your own words
    • –Free. Only cost an investment of time
  • However, it is time consuming especially if you have no previous experience
  • Should have a good grasp of grammar and spelling otherwise you could come off sounding unprofessional or uneducated even if you have a college degree
  • Steps involved in writing your own articles:
    • –Brainstorm article topics
    • –Keyword research
    • –Write attention grabbing headlines
    • –Writing the article
    • –Article SEO

Where to Get Article Ideas

  • Ideas abound. You just need to keep your eyes open
  • Where to find inspiration:
    • –Your life experience
    • –What your target market is asking for
    • –Reader submitted questions
    • –Blog comments
    • –Other blogs and news sites
    • –Current events
    • –Social media sites (trending topics on Twitter etc)
  • It is a good idea to keep an idea file so that you always have something to write about

Keyword Research

  • When people search for information on a topic they enter words and phrases into the search engines related to what they are looking for. These words and phrases are known as keywords.
  • Incorporating the keywords used by your target audience will increase the likelihood that your audience will find your content in the search engines.
  • Keyword research involves brainstorming the types of keywords your target market is using to find the information you are writing about.
  • Tools to assist in finding relevant keywords:
    • –Aaron Wall’s SEO Keyword Tool
    • –WordTracker
    • –Google Keyword Tool
  • What makes a good keyword or phrase:
    • –Multi-Word; at least 2,3 or more. Single keywords are notoriously difficult to rank for.
    • –The more specific the keyword the more targeted the traffic
    • –If you are selling a product or service use “buy” words like “purchase cell phone”

Developing Compelling Headlines

  • The first interaction people have with your content is through the headline. Your headline will attract or repel them.
  • Good headlines tap into emotions and needs and conveys the benefits of reading the article
    • –Lose 10 pounds in time for the wedding
    • –The #1 tip for generating massive website traffic
    • –Make more money with these simple steps
  • Types of headlines that get attention:
    • ―   Direct (Trim 20% of your mortgage payments)
    • ―   Instructional (How to buy a home with no down payment)
    • ―   Question (Do you have the millionaire gene?)
    • ―   Command (Use this tool to get to the top of Google)
    • ―   Testimonial (I get my social media tips from says Kate Middleton)
  • It takes awhile before you’ll get the hang of writing good headlines. Experiment.

Tips for Article Writing

  • Determine the purpose of the article
    • –To sell
    • –To disseminate information
    • –To persuade
  • Write a headline but don’t be afraid to change it
  • Start with an outline of ideas you want to convey. This will make writing the article easier and faster.
  • Break up ideas into short paragraphs to fight reader fatigue
  • Vary the types of article templates you use. Ex – Lists, Question and Answer, Tutorial (How to)
    • –You can find article templates on the Ezinearticles blog @
  • End the article with a call to action

Article SEO

  • Include your main keyword in the title of your article
  • Include the keywords in article headers; use appropriate header tags (H1, H2, H3)
  • Keywords in the title and header tags are given more weight by search engine robots.
  • Keyword should appear in the first and last sentence of article if possible
  • Keyword density should be between 2-5%. Anything more than 7% will be considered keyword spamming by the search engines
  • A good article length is 400 words. Gives enough space to provide good information but not too much to give everything away.
  • Include links to other related content
  • Include keyword in image descriptions

Using Articles from Directories

  • Article directories are great places to get ready made content for your website.
  • Your blog should primarily consist of original content but these articles can fill in for when you are short on time or ideas
  • Rules for using content from article directories:
    • –You must use the content in its entirety. You cannot make changes to it
    • –The author’s bio must be posted as well
  • Tips for using article directory content:
    • –Check the links to make sure they don’t take visitors to a crazy place
    • –Add your own call to action to the end of the article
    • –Content should be inline with the topic of your blog

Guest Bloggers

  • Content from other experts in your industry is a great way to increase the value of your website as well as extend the reach of your brand
  • Identify experts that can provide relevant information that compliments the topic of your blog. Ex. Real estate agents can have a mortgage expert post on the topic of home loans
  • Be professional when you approach people to contribute to your blog. Remember, they are doing you a favor for free.
  • Be a good host and promote your guest author

Using PLR Articles

  • Private Label Rights articles is content written by freelance writers who then sell reprint rights
  • PLR content is very cheap (about $1 per article). The writer makes money by selling the same articles over and over again to other people
  • Licenses on PLR generally states that you can use the content however you want except you cannot resell or redistribute
  • It is best to rewrite the content so that it is at least 50% unique to avoid the duplicate content label from the search engines.
  • If you want to submit to article directories, content must be rewritten completely.
  • Make sure the article is optimized for your keywords
  • Don’t forget to include your call to action at the end
  • Always source your articles and writers to be certain you are not getting stolen content

Legalities of Using Content

  • It is not okay to take content from other people’s website and use it on your website without their permission.
  • If you reprint someone’s article (and it didn’t come from an article directory) without their permission you could be setting yourself up for a lawsuit
  • Content is copyrighted the moment it is created and subject to copyright laws regarding usage.
  • You can use other people’s content under the fair use clause. You can reprint a small portion of the article and then link back to the source.
  • Another option is to summarize the article  and link back to the source.
  • Most people will let you use their content if you ask them.
  • Free images for your articles can be found on public domain image sources like and

For more information on generating content on your blog as well as marketing online and using social media effectively, visit the Social Media Video Library.

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