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Keeping Your Clientele Up To Date Using Twitter

Twitter is rapidly becoming an invaluable tool for businesses. Useful in strengthening clientele or adding new clients to your firm, Twitter is revolutionizing the personal approach.

Whether helping with market research, brand recognition, or chatting with your client base worldwide, Twitter is a forefront communication instrument. A few of the wonderful advantages to using Twitter for maintaining your client base are as follows:

Develop Your Network on Twitter

While on twitter, you and associates can join topic groups related to your field and business. The information attained from these groups is beneficial and allows you to attract potential customers. Create a search using keywords related to your products then follow those users who show up on Twitter Search. Study the trends to help improve your marketing strategies.
Twitter Clients

Improve Your Personal Brand Using Twitter

Twitter was created to strengthen relationships and form new ones. Potential clients and customers will feel more comfortable communicating with you. The relaxed nature of the social medium breaks down barriers and makes you more approachable.

Network by Being Helpful on Twitter

Earn credibility by using Twitter to hold complimentary workshops or seminars. Give instructions on how people can participate and when it begins. Learn how to guide people’s focus towards your events and web meetings. Become a problem solver, offer advice to those in your field who are in need of assistance. Who knows how many clients you may win over by coming to their rescue?

Make Announcements

Use Twitter to deliver information about all upcoming events or the latest breaking news regarding your business to your all your subscribers. Quickly share your newest ideas or answer questions posed by those in your network. Receive feedback from customers, clients, and associates.

Promotions and Deals

For clients or prospects you can offer discounts, samples, packages, or a variety of specials. Create interest with giveaways or promotions. Social networking transforms your marketing campaigns into a two-way street.

Deal with Complaints

When problems arise respond to issues quickly. Understand what your client’s needs are, and what can be done to insure their satisfaction with your company. By responding openly and professionally, other clients and prospects will see your character which can generate respect for your company.
Meet with Clients

Make plans for an informal get together with your clientele. Simply announce a meeting on Twitter, clearly stating the time, place, and directions. Have dozens or hundreds meet on relatively short notice. Introduce your clients to each other or have venders and suppliers become acquainted.


People appreciate being informed of the latest events or services. On Twitter, you can always keep your clients up to date on everything they need to know. By receiving immediate feedback on services or products, you can change the direction of a marketing campaign or solve issues should they arise.

Keep Your Online Lives Separate

Make two accounts one for business and one personal. The lines can be blurry on Twitter so ensure your customers never read about your bad day by keeping your personal and business accounts separate.

If you’ve been using Twitter but don’t seem to be getting anywhere, download my social media checklist (sign up form in the sidebar). This will walk you through the daily task you need to accomplish to build your following and extend the reach of your brand. For personalized service, contact me for a free consultation where we can share tips on marketing on Twitter as well as other internet marketing tools that can increase sales.

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