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PLR Articles Can Help Feed Your Reader’s Appetite for Content

PLR Articles Can Help Feed Your Reader’s Appetite for Content

One of the most challenging things about blogging is content generation. Content is what captures the attention of your target market and drives customers to your business. Unfortunately, your readers have voracious appetites and they can’t get enough of the information you provide. It makes running your business even more stressful and you are seriously rethinking this whole blogging business.

So you look around for ways to get content for your blog quickly and easily. After surfing around the internet for a few days, you come across a website selling PLR articles. The price is around $5 or $10 and you get a pack of 5 to 10 articles on the niche topic related to your blog. You think you hit the jackpot but, in reality, you could be ruining your business by using PLR articles.

PLR stands for private label rights. This is a type of content where the author sells you the right to reuse the articles they wrote in almost any way you see fit. You can add PLR articles to your blog, submit them to article directories, use them as starters for other articles, and even put together an EBook. For the internet marketer, they are a quick way to get cheap content for your website.

However, there are some disadvantages to using niche PLR articles that you must be aware of if you want to avoid falling into the content pit that can ruin your business. First, the reason why private label content is so cheap is because it is resold multiple times. This is how the writers make their money. This means the articles have already been posted in many places on the internet.
Beware of PLR Articles
Depending on how you are trying to use them, you will probably have to rewrite the PLR articles to make them unique enough to pass a plagiarism check. This can take time especially if you don’t write articles on a regular basis. And if you are spending time rewriting articles then you may as well write an article from scratch.

Another thing you have to beware of is the fact that you may get crappy PLR articles or, even worse, articles stolen from directories and other websites. This is where PLR articles can bring trouble right to your doorstep. Poorly written PLR articles are one thing. You can at least fix them up enough to be usable. Stolen material, on the other hand, can damage your reputation.

Why Buy PLR Articles

While these are all serious concerns, I still recommend you buy PLR articles for several reasons.

* PLR articles are quick and cheap content that you can throw on your blog when you don’t have time to write.

* PLR content can provide inspiration. Staring at a blank screen is no fun. PLR articles can be the seed for new content.

* You can rebrand the content as your own. If you submit it to article directories or guest blogs, you can put your own information in the author bio section.

* There are all types of PLR content available. There are also PLR EBooks, audio, video, and images; all of which you can use to supplement your business.

Tips for Buying and Using PLR Articles

There are PLR membership sites out there that are charging $20, $40, or $60 per MONTH for access to the content in their databases. If you are going to pay that much money make sure you are working with a reputable writer or company who only sell original content they have created. This is where the internet is your best friend. Do a search on the company and seek out other people who have experience with them for feedback about the service.

If you are planning on using PLR articles to submit to article directories, you must rewrite the content. In order to pass a plagiarism check, it will need to be at least 75% different from the original. Also, some articles directories, like Ezinearticles, do not allow the submission of PLR articles so be aware of the rules before you waste your time.

PLR content is great for those times when you can’t write but you need content for your website. I highly recommend that you tweak the article so that it sounds like your brand. If you can’t, then you can post the PLR articles on your site as a guest writer. This way, you can use the content but your readers won’t feel like you’ve suddenly changed personalities.

Lastly, always, always, always check the PLR articles to be certain they haven’t been stolen from other people. You can enter a sentence from the article into Google and the search engine will pull up all instances they can find online. However, you can avoid a lot of this by making sure you are getting your articles from a reliable and reputable source.

For more tips on how to build an effective blog for your business using PLR articles and other tools, check out my archives or contact me for a free consultation where I show you how a blog can expand your brand.

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