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Real Estate Marketing – Sell More Homes by Branding Yourself

Branding is Important in Real Estate Marketing

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there are over 500,000 real estate agents and that number is supposed to increase by another 14% by 2018. With the housing market still limping along behind a slow economy, it’s a buyer’s market and the competition between real estate agents to sell homes is fierce. The only way to stand out from other agents and to draw interested homebuyers to you is to add personal branding to your real estate marketing efforts.

Today’s consumers are much savvier and they demand to work with professionals who are at the top of their game. As much as 80% of homebuyers use the internet to find both agents and homes. If a prospect were to enter your name into Google, what information would they come across about you? If information about you is lacking or you don’t have a web presence at all then you are definitely losing clients to your competitors that take their online real estate marketing seriously.

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But just having a website is not enough. Many agents who do have websites make the mistake of hiding behind the name of the company they are agents for. ReMax and other real estate companies already invest millions of dollars in building their brands but, despite what you may have been told, that doesn’t help you a whole lot. People don’t do business with a brand. They do business with other people.

By Branding Yourself in Your Real Estate Marketing You Will:

* Show prospects that you are an expert in the industry by demonstrating your knowledge

* Create top of mind name recognition in your clients. When they think of buying or selling a home, they will think of you.

* Define who you are rather than let competitors or clients do it for you

* Build credibility which will make it easier for prospects to trust you

* Make yourself easy to find. People may not remember your company but they will remember your name.

* Make is so it doesn’t matter what company you work for. By branding yourself you can move easily between projects and still maintain your authority.

Unlike other real estate marketing tools and tactics, branding yourself is not something that happens overnight. It does require you to put time and effort into creating and maintaining an image of yourself that gives the right impression to attract the prospects you want.

The tasks involved in branding yourself with your real estate marketing include:

* Creating a web presence which includes a website and a blog

* Maintaining a blog where you provide useful information to prospects

* Connecting with prospects on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook

* Learning SEO/SEM techniques that ensures you appear in the search engines for search terms that drive prospects to your website

* Writing and submitting articles to article directories for distribution to relevant websites that target your preferred audience

* Posting articles on relevant blogs as guest posts to gain additional exposure

If it sounds like a lot, it is and can easily be overwhelming to a person who has no experience with branding as a real estate marketing technique. In fact, if I had to guess, this may be the primary reason why you never did it before. Another reason may be that you just don’t have the time. In between working with your existing clients, getting homes listed, finding buyers and other business activities, you just can’t find the time for yet one more marketing task.

Add on top of that learning how to work with social media outlets to extend your brand’s reach requires time and effort. If you are serious about getting a leg up in the real estate industry, I can help. As a social media trainer, I can teach you how to effectively use social networking sites, like Twitter and Facebook, as well as assist you in coming up with a branding strategy that sets you apart from your competition.

Just contact me for a free, no risk consultation. If you want to know if what I do works, just Google me and you’ll find out why branding yourself is so important.

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If you want more tips on branding in your real estate marketing, read the articles in my archives.

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