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How To Build Your Brand On Twitter

When you building your brand on Twitter you have to remember that perception is everything. It is important to learn how to build your brand on Twitter and learn what to do and not to do. Read the rest of this entry »

Blow Out Your Competition With Social Media and Internet Marketing

internet marketingBlow out your competition with internet marketing and social media

Let’s face it…the marketplace today is highly competitive and internet marketing and social media is changing the name of the game.  You should always continue to learn and look for new ways to beat out your competitors, but there are 3 ways you can minimize the affect the competition can have on your business.

1. Execute an Internet Marketing Strategy

It starts with building a recognizable brand. It is a can be personal, corporate or even a concept.  Customers are searching everyday on Google, Twitter and Facebook for a solution to their problem. They need a product or service that you may have, but how will they find you.

Rather than following the herd with dated marketing methods, look for ways to advertise that no one else is using. Internet marketing is a great example.  What do you think affiliate and internet marketers use? The internet? Absolutely.  Brainstorm to come up with creative ways to market and drive traffic to you site. Read other blogs and watch videos to get ideas. Have you ever thought about printing postcards to send out to get people to your site?  That is not something you hear about everyday. Had you thought about it?

Video is another very powerful medium. I highly encourage you put some thought into implementing this form of marketing. This will allow your customers to trust you and relate to you. Be sure to SEO optimize you video’s and always include a link back to your website. Submit your video’s to more than just one site for more exposure and backlinks. Tweet, update status with your new video’s. Ask your friends for help to share it and retweet it.

2. Find Niche Markets

While you are learning and establishing your brand, you should be aware and look for niches that you can target. Try to find something your competitors are missing!  Be aware while watching the news, talk shows, reading books and blogs.  Keep a notebook for ideas. you never know when it will come to you. Once you have found something then be sure to research in depth. If it proves to be a great niche market then you are ready to work on your sales copy, and Website to address the specific niche market you have discovered.

3. Become the Expert in your field

Your goal should be to provide value, educate people on your product or service.  You may even want to point out the problem or pain and then show that you have the solution.  Blogging, article marketing and social media will give you the platform you need to build credibility as an expert. Once you have established yourself as an expert then you will be amazed what can happen. You are able to attract your target audience and they will buy from you.

Contact me for more information on social media and internet marketing strategies and be sure to check out my social media video series.

Branding Your Name is Better Than Branding Your MLM Business

Success in Business Requires Branding Your Name

One of the biggest mistakes I see network marketers make when they start their business is they brand their company name and not their own name. So many times I visit websites that have URLS like or If the person does remember to register their own domain name, it is usually being forwarded to the website their company gives them to refer prospects.

However, the bad branding strategy doesn’t stop there. I can’t tell you the number of people on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook who create accounts with their MLM company’s name instead of their own. Even their Facebook fan page uses some version of their network marketing company’s name.

Branding Your MLM Business is Not a Good Idea

personal branding
There are numerous problems with doing this. First, most multilevel marketing companies do not allow their distributors or independent business owners to use their name in any type of marketing. This is because the company wants to protect their brand from any abuse or misuse that may occur. In addition to that, they don’t want their brand name diluted by people who oftentimes don’t know what they are doing when it comes to marketing.

The other major problem you run into when you don’t take the time to build your own personal brand is the fallout that happens when you switch MLM companies or start up a completely different project. All the time you spent marketing your business, making connections, and building up the brand is now going to waste because you are not able to use any of that in your new venture.

I can understand the temptation to use the company’s name rather than your own. Chances are pretty good that their name is more recognizable than yours because of all the marketing they have done to promote their business. But this, in itself, can be problematic too.

If you have joined with a good company, then you benefit from the goodwill they have generated in the world. However, if you unknowingly joined a bad company, then their poor reputation can drag you down too and make it extremely difficult for you get anywhere with your prospects.

Branding your own name instead of your MLM’s is more challenging but provides substantial benefits such as:

* Being able to easily switch between MLM companies without losing any of the momentum you built up with your marketing efforts.

* People search for your name on the internet and make a buying decision based on what comes up. By branding your name, your profile will appear in the search results which will make prospects more comfortable buying from you.

* Prospects don’t always remember company names but they will remember your name and face.

* By branding your name, you can leverage it to expand into other opportunities. For example, you could get into public speaking or write a book in addition to building your network marketing business.

* You will stand out from the millions of other people who are still branding their MLM company names.

It is never too late to start branding your own name. Contact me for a free consultation and I will take you through the process. In today’s digital world you cannot afford to be anonymous. Take the time to brand your name and watch your profits soar. Visit my archives for more articles on branding.

Social Media Means The Time to Brand Yourself is Now

Joe Locke and I sat down and talked about social media and branding. With so many people online promoting their business, branding is more important than ever. However, most people don't have a clue where to turn to even begin the process. MyBrandingSystem steps into that space and allows new business owners to make their mark on the internet quickly and easily. If you are looking for a business opportunity where you can get in at the ground level of a wide open market, then click to listen to my interview with Joe Locke. Read the rest of this entry »
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