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Why Use LinkedIn for Business Networking

LinkedIn for Networking

My guest speaker, Bryan Daly, is hot on LinkedIn and he is going to show you how to use this business social network to exponentially expand your network.

Why Use LinkedIn?

  • What is special about LinkedIn?
  • LinkedIn Tips
  • Setting Up Your Profile
  • Connecting
  • Posting
  • Groups
  • Search
  • Answers

Why You Need a Blog

  • Allows for a deeper level of communication
  • Deliver news informally
  • Business your credibility
  • Greater visibility
  • Builds real online presence and traffic to you

Get a Great Blog

  • MyBrandingSystem…Brand you
  • Easy to use
  • Custom
  • Social media connected
  • Plug and play
  • Professional look
  • Google rated and can be found

LinkedIn Edge

  • You can connect with people you might not ever connect with any where else.
  • We know the main reason we are here.- Business
  • You can “see” others in the network-
  • Profile business history/resume no where else
  • Search for people that don’t have profiles any where else
  • Groups & Answers
  • Connect with Others
  • Introduce Yourself
  • Contribute to Group

Business Etiquette

  • Avoid blatant self promotion
  • Post useful, interesting information
  • Promote others to build connections
  • Make introductions to refer business to others
  • Remember to be professional yet interesting and personal

Visit the Social Media Video Library for more blogging and social media training. Contact me for a free 1 hour consultation on how to use LinkedIn and other social media tools to your advantage.

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