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The growing use of tablet PCs in business

The growing use of tablet PCs in business

If you’re in business then the need to be able to stay in touch and on top of
your venture no matter where you are has never been more important than
now. Thankfully, it’s also much easier to remain connected nowadays with
improving mobile broadband networks allowing access to files, folders and
emails, whatever your location.

New technology

Adding the ease with which we can keep track of our business activities is the
growing number of mobile devices that enable users to do just about anything
they’d normally carry out on a traditional desktop computer, but on the move.
One of the best examples of this is the tablet, which was unheard of a couple
of years ago but, since the introduction of the Apple iPad, has since gone on
to become very popular with business owners.

While the laptop or even a netbook is often seen as the way forward if you’re
looking to carry out business chores on the move, the tablet actually makes a
very viable alternative. In particular, the iPad works really well as a business
tool because of the huge range of apps that have been produced for it. This
allows you to add extra functionality to the device in the shape of Office style
software and all manner of other productivity options.

Another angle

Of course, there are many other tablet devices on the market now too, with a
variety of operating systems, such as the hugely popular Google Android OS.
In that respect, it’s pretty easy to find a system that matches what you’re used
to at home, although some of the lesser known operating systems don’t have
quite the same amount of apps available for them.

There is also the smartphone, which has been embraced by business people
for its powerful computing attributes, but the only downside with one of these
is its size. While it may come with considerable computing power, the issue
of smaller screen areas and tiny virtual keyboards often makes a smartphone
difficult for carrying out everyday office tasks.

Emails and social networking updates, as well as web browsing are all well
and good, but if you need to keep on top of productivity on the go then a tablet
could make sound financial sense. After all, it’s a lot more portable than even
the smallest netbook, while battery life is invariably very good, particularly
in the case of the iPad, which will ensure that you get all of your daily tasks
completed quickly and easily.

Get connected

The other plus point with a tablet device is the fact that you can buy models
that come with just wireless connectivity or both WiFi and 3G mobile
broadband. That means you can stay working just about anywhere and, in the
case of WiFi, you can access thousands of free hotspots. That way, you can
work fast and for nothing too, which really is the icing on the cake.

About the author: Rob Clymo writes on behalf of, the conumser advice website for business broadband internet providers

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