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How to Use Twitter to Improve Your Visibility and Reputation

Your Prospects Are On Twitter

Twitter is one of the world’s largest and most productive marketing tools. Careful use of Twitter can improve your visibility and reputation in the digital world. Twitter is perfect for a number of things including selling yourself to a potential employer and promoting a product or a web site.

The social media site has the potential to make you or your product known worldwide in a matter of minutes or days if used correctly. The right tweet at the right time will be read by millions of people worldwide and, if properly planned, can produce the attention and web traffic you are striving for.
Twitter Money
Like everything else, though, it takes thought, preparation, and planning to improve your visibility and reputation on Twitter.

Differentiate Yourself from the Crowd on Twitter

An effective Twitter marketing strategy requires that you know differentiate yourself from your competition. If you are selling yourself as a prospective employee do not just post a resume. Post your accomplishments as well. Post tweets that prove you are the best choice for the open position. For example, show that you understand how new developments in technology will affect your industry.

For those selling products or services, stand out from your competition by sharing how your product can help prospects achieve their goals. Look at what your competition is doing and think of ways you can do things differently. Partner with people that are in the same industry who are willing to promote your business or service on their twitter page.

Think Before You Tweet

Many people have scared away prospective employers and customers by tweeting before thinking. Even if they didn’t mean to be offensive, the way they worded their tweet gave a negative impression.

Carefully consider what you are tweeting and the reaction you want to elicit from your audience. Every word is judged by every reader. You want to make the best possible impression on the most readers. This takes careful planning because you only have a few words to get your message out there with.

Choose Your Twitter Friends Wisely

Do your homework about friends. Look up people that can assist you with your goals. For example, connect with potential employers or people who can help you in your job search and invite them to be friends. Look for people who can use your product or service as well as partners that would be willing to promote you service on their Twitter page.

Defriend advertisers, lost souls, relationship seekers, and anyone else who does not support your purpose for being on the social networking site. Get the garbage off your wall.

Maintain Your Twitter Profile

Regular maintenance of your account is essential to using to Twitter to improve your reputation or further your marketing goals. Respond to tweets and direct messages sent to your by others. Ignore the spam. Ask people that are your customers or supporters to retweet your best tweets.

Twitter is a numbers game and you need good planning, a definite goal, and regular maintenance to increase your chances of success in promoting yourself and your business. Knowing what you want to get out of Twitter, making a small number of well-planned tweets, finding the right friends, and regular maintenance of your Twitter page will improve your chances of attracting the right kind of attention.

Social media marketing is a large and growing industry that it is difficult to know exactly where to start. Save yourself some time and aggravation by downloading my social media checklist (form in sidebar). I love helping people to succeed so call me for a free consultation on the best way to use internet marketing tools, like Twitter, to increase your brand visibility and value.

Social Media Pet Peeve: Automated Direct Messages on Twitter

My biggest pet peeve on Twitter is the automated dm on Twitter. It drives me crazy. And I’m not the only one. I’ve spoken to other people on Twitter who say that they will delete anyone who sends them an automated direct message on Twitter.

I don’t blame them. All it does is clog up the inbox and makes no effort to actually start a relationship with the person who has chosen to be a part of your network. I don’t want to get a robotic message from you. I would rather talk to you about what you do and see how I can help you.

To me automated direct messages on Twitter just sends a message that you don’t care enough about your followers to personally interact with them. What do you think? What are your social media pet peeves?

How To Build Your Brand On Twitter

When you building your brand on Twitter you have to remember that perception is everything. It is important to learn how to build your brand on Twitter and learn what to do and not to do. Read the rest of this entry »

Have Social Media Sites Shaped Our Way Of Life?

The buzz about social media sites is that they are changing the way we live, the way we interact and the way we work. Well this new technology does not shape our way of living. In fact, it is being shaped by the economic, technical, political and social circumstances in which it is designed, developed and utilized. Read the rest of this entry »

Marketing through Social Media – Is This Strategy worth Your Time?

social mediaMarketing through Social Media – Is This Strategy worth Your Time?

Social media has become a common buzzword lately and has gained a lot of popularity in the business world. Social media can be defined as any website where users can upload their own content and share it with the Internet. Sites such as Twitter and Facebook are very well attended and have millions of users connecting with each other day and night.

The big question is if marketing through social media is worth your time. According to Facebook, 50% of their users log onto the site every day; Twitter now has 15 million active members that actively post Tweets; LinkedIn has over 50 million members looking to network. If that isn’t proof positive that there is a huge opportunity in social media nothing will convince you.

What Social Media Offers Marketers

The question is how can you use social media to help grow your business? By being present on these sites, you are opening yourself to more possibilities in your marketing strategy. Facebook and Twitter are essentially viral by nature and if a user happens to like your product or service, they will announce it on their page.

When the announcement is made, it goes out to everybody on their friends list and their friends might announce it to their list, and so forth. By putting up strong content and sharing quality information, you can spread the word about your business very quickly.

Social media also gives you another way to stay in touch with your prospects and customers aside from email marketing and blogging. You will be able to reach more people when the time comes to start marketing your new product or service.

Marketing Through Social Media via your Mobile devices

Social media sites also offer applications that are designed for smart phones such as the Android and iPhone. These applications are used by millions of people and many users check these sites regularly throughout the day by using their phones.

This means that you gain more exposure and it enables you to stay in touch with your prospects and customers more frequently. Other features such as private messaging through social networking sites and SMS notifications also offer another opportunity for Internet marketers.

Using Social Media as Part of Your Overall Marketing Strategy

Social media is not a replacement for your existing strategy; it’s a strategy that can make everything in your business more effective. Many Internet marketers are allowing their prospects and customers to receive their information through multiple channels.

Why do this when you can focus on one? It is because people have different user behaviors. One user may like to receive content on Facebook while another one would like to stay in touch by subscribing to your blog with an RSS reader.

By pushing your content out onto multiple channels, you’ll be able to reach your contacts wherever they are, making your marketing through social media an effective way to promote your products and services.

So to answer the question – marketing through social media is definitely worth your time. Many Internet marketers are combining social media and email marketing as well as blogging to get the most out of their promotions and spread the word about their business very quickly.

Want to succeed as an entrepreneur? Learn the skills and strategies you need to succeed as an online marketer. Get in-depth advice on personal development, online promotion, social media, and web traffic by visiting

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