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Prospecting on Facebook: Using Targeted Facebook Groups to Find Clients

Facebook Groups Can Connect You with Unlimited Prospects

Facebook is all about connecting. Therefore, successfully marketing your business on the social network means you need to be…well…social. Interacting with the people who you have befriended on the site is a good start. However, if you really want to start raking in the prospects then joining Facebook groups can get you in front of people starving for the knowledge, products, and services you offer.

Facebook provides an app called Advanced Search Beta 2.2 which makes it so easy to find groups on the site that fit the demographics of your target audience. Here is how to install the app on your profile and how to find groups to join on the site.

Installing Facebook Groups App

Step One
Facebook Groups 1
Step Two
Facebook Groups 2
Step Three
Facebook Groups 3
Step Four
Facebook Groups 4
Step Five
Facebook Groups 5
Step Six
Facebook Groups 6

Tips for Successfully Using Facebook Groups

* Join with the purpose of providing value to the group. This means sharing high quality information and interacting with the other members as people. Don’t spam the group with your sales message. Not only are you likely to get kicked out of the group, you will be seen as a spammer and your reputation will suffer. Just like a computer, put good stuff and get good stuff out.

* Get involved with members off site. You can increase your visibility within your target market by continuing the conversation with the members of the group outside of Facebook. Go to their blogs and comment on their articles, participate in offline meetings, or become a follower of theirs on Twitter. The more the group members see you around the more trusted you will become and the more likely they will be with making a purchase or recommending you to someone they know.

* Judiciously share links to your content. There will be times when it is appropriate to share your content. Do so only if it applies to the topic under discussion. Don’t just throw out links to your sales page. Instead point to articles or videos on your site that add to the conversation. You could even create content that answers a question or provides a different view on a subject under debate. The thing to remember here is that your content should be relevant to the group.

Facebook groups provide an excellent opportunity to network with more people on the social networking site and extend the reach of your business. For more tips on how to use social media marketing, like Facebook groups, to generate customers for your business contact me for a free consultation.

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