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Video Blogging Tips: Making Your Blog Come Alive with Video

Video Blogging Can Help You Build a Community

Social media websites have been hogging the spotlight lately so you are forgiven for not noticing that online video content has been growing exponentially over the last few years. People are choosing to watch their favorite shows online (and discover new ones) rather than sit in front of a television set. In addition to that, the wide availability of video cell phones and handheld digital cameras has made it easier for the amateur videographer to capture and share the insanity of their everyday life through video blogging.
Video Blogging
So what does this mean for you? It means if you want to build a community of people who are passionately engaged and invested in your brand, then you should start integrating videos into your website and blog with video blogging.

Why Video Blogging

There are a number of benefits to online video blogging which include:

* Video makes you more real in the eyes of your prospects. People feel more comfortable buying from you when they can “see” you.

* Some people prefer watching videos over reading articles. This is probably because watching videos is a passive activity while reading requires more active engagement.

* It is easier to get your point across. Let’s face it, we communicate much better in person simply because we have the gamut of visual cues at our disposal that are not available to us in our article writing.

* You can do more with less. What you say in a 1,000 word article can be made into a 2-3 minute video.

* Tap into the vibrant community on YouTube. The YouTube community is huge and it is getting bigger every day. In fact, Google announced recently they have ordered original programming to be created just for the social video site.

Tips for Using Video Blogging to Build Your Brand

There are so many ways you can enhance your blog with video and you don’t need any fancy equipment or a studio either. A digital camera (or good camera phone) and video editing software like Camtasia will get you producing quality videos quickly and easily. Here are some ideas for how you can successfully incorporate video blogging into your brand.

* Use video blogs to illustrate a point more effectively. This works very well when integrated with a text article. You can use video to provide a visual example of what you are talking about.

* Video introductions. Instead of just having an “About Me” page, you can introduce yourself via video. This unique way of presenting yourself will make a big impression on your web visitor.

* Video testimonials (for you or for products you recommend) are particularly effective because the person doing the testimonial becomes “real” to the viewer. Be honest. When you read text testimonials aren’t you just a little bit skeptical about whether or not real people wrote them? Video testimonials can overcome this cynicism to help you make the sale.

* Videos are excellent for training your clients. In fact, this is how colleges and universities around the world present their online classes. Students can access lectures from a secure site any time of the day or night. You can use videos to create an online training course that is always available to your customers.

* Encourage discussion by getting people to produce video responses to your post. To really ramp up the community, post their responses in your blog post or allow them to post the videos in the comment section. This is an excellent way to extend the reach of your brand by letting other people be visible in the conversation.

* Share fun stuff. Don’t be so serious all of the time. Ride the wave of viral videos by posting the fun ones on your blog. Be sure to use relevant keywords so that you can capture the search engine traffic.

* Shine the spotlight on customers or collaborators. I don’t know what it is about videos but it has the power to make people feel extra special. Conduct interviews or shine a flattering spotlight on customers and other people in your industry using video as the medium.

Are you an armchair producer? Tell me about how you use video blogging in your marketing in the comment section.

For more tips on video marketing, check out my archives. Contact me for a free one hour consultation where I will show you an exceptional tool that will make video blogging the easiest thing you do every day.

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