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What does # Hashtag Mean on Twitter and Why Do People Use Hashtags?

What does # Hashtag mean on Twitter & Why do people use Hashtags?

If you are truly brand new on Twitter, then you are probably wondering what in the world does # this mean? You will see it for #FollowFriday also known as #FF, #music, #jobs, #MusicMonday, #ecoMonday and much, much more.

#Hashtags are used for trending topics on Twitter and as a way to make categories. These categories can be searched by using the search tool on Twitter. It is pretty cool because many people put themselves in categories like #green, #eco, #health, etc.
Twitter hashtag
This is a great way to find people with like interest or participate in something fun happening on Twitter at any given time.

Twitter Hashtags for Events

There is also another cool thing you can use the hashtags for if you have a group of friends or maybe you are all at a cool event? Let’s say you are at an event and you decide to use the hashtag #rock23, then you all tweet and use this #rock23 hashtag so you can see what everyone is saying about the event.

If you want to see what is happening right now on Twitter and all the #Hashtags being used then check out this site…

More Help with Twitter Hashtags

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